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Statewide Reverse Transfer Agreement

A statewide agreement exists between New Jersey’s four-year Institutions and New Jersey’s community colleges for reverse transfer. This agreement allows students who meet the specific criteria described below to transfer credits earned at a Four-Year Institution back to a Community College in order to satisfy the requirements for the Associate degree, as determined by the Community College.

Eligibility Requirements:

In order to participate in the reverse transfer process:

  • Students must have met the residency requirement and designated minimum grade point average at the Community College prior to enrollment at the Four-Year Institution
  • Students must have applied and been admitted to the Four-Year Institution.
  • Following enrollment at the Four-Year Institution, students must have earned a cumulative total of 66 semester hours between the Community College and the Four-Year Institution
  • Students must be current with the Financial obligations to both the Four-Year Institution and the Community College.
  • Students must have met all of the graduation requirements of the Community College.

Please contact the Office of the University Registrar for more information about the opportunity for currently enrolled students.