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Test Appointment Request Form

For those students who are eligible for the accommodation of extended time for tests, the ODS offers proctoring by the Coordinator of Disability Services in the ODS testing room. In that setting, we are able to provide a distraction-reduced environment, extended time, and/or use of assistive technology which may be necessary to accommodate the student.

While the accommodation of extended time will be indicated on their Accommodation Plan, the student should still notify his/her professors if they plan to take their tests in the ODS.

Students are required to make their testing appointments with the ODS approximately one week in advance. Students are required to take their tests on the same day/time as is scheduled for the class. Should there be a conflict with the test time and the need for extended time, the student will complete a “Test Appointment Request Form”, have it signed by the professor and return it to the ODS prior to the exam. It is the responsibility of the professor to deliver the exam to the ODS prior to the student’s scheduled appointment.

Exams and Test Appointment Request Form(s) may be delivered in person or email (please send in a MS Word format or PDF). Please include blue books when necessary. The ODS requests that professors complete the Test Appointment Request Form and send it with the exam. It is on this form that it should be indicated if the test is open book, open notes, use of calculator permitted, etc.


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