Class of 2018

Freshman from Class of 2018 gets recognized for their Excellent Academic Performance

The Freshman Recognition Ceremony is an opportunity for the Caldwell community to celebrate and acknowledge outstanding freshmen who have achieved a minimum 3.8 semester GPA during their first semester at Caldwell University. Students are presented with a certificate, signed by the President of the University, by their Freshman Advisor.

Download the program for the event.

Recipients from the Class of 2018

Alfred Adjei-Darko

Micaela Andrews

Chante Bethell

Sandesh Bhandari

Dennis Brady

Bimash Budha

Brittany Buska

Nicholas Calixto

Christina Campos

Martin Djikanovic

Kristen Drogsler

Simon Ekman

Emily Fey

Laurel Flanagan

Emily Gardner

Charlotte Genthe

Megan Gerali

Kelly Gonzalez

Valeria Gonzalez

Nicholas Haines

Theresa Henry

Michael James

Justin Jeannette

David Jones

Channel Jorge

Shelagh Kerrisk

Elizabeth Kocis

Farah Leon

William Levier

Katherine Llangari

Nicole Marta

Fritz Meister

Jessica Minuto

Jessica Mitchell

Catherine Mulick

Daniel Otuo-Acheampong

Nicole Ough

Lisa Paradiso

Kristy Percario

Elynette Perez

Rebecca Ryan

Ilea Scritchfield

Samantha Segda

Kylee Shoop

Alyssa Veenstra

Narae Wadsworth

Angeline Wedemeier

Alisa  Wilkinson

Shania Williams

Cassandra Winnie

Julianne Worgul

Jashuana Zambrana