Class of 2016

Freshman Recognition Ceremony from Class of 2016

The Freshman Recognition Ceremony is an opportunity for the Caldwell community to celebrate and acknowledge outstanding freshmen who have achieved a minimum 3.8 semester GPA during their first semester at Caldwell University.  Students are presented with a certificate, signed by the President of the College and the Vice President of Academic Affairs, by their Freshman Advisor.

Download the program for the event.

Recipients from the Class of 2016

Nicholas Acampora
Juan Arencibia
Kathleen Arimado
Ayro Jay Batilaran
Rachel Berzak
Patrick Carroll
Corrine Dudas
Jeffrey Ellingsen
Nicole Grandeza
Susan Harrell
Annyssa Herlihy
Ly Hua
Kristin Kelley
Brian Kenny
Gerard Lambrugo
Jacob Lesniewski
Patrick Lorfink
Timothy Maloney
Evan Marques
Rebecca Messano
Michelle Mione
Sarah Morse
Joseph Oravbiere
Jaimie Peter
Steven Quaife
Lisa Rovatsos
Anabela Santos
Sudin Shakya
Stephen Shaw
Emily Slater
Stephanie Sosa
Julie Steelman
Brittany Thomas
Liz Villavizar
Imani Wright