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Freshman Programs


The Freshman Seminar is a one-credit course required for all freshmen. It is designed to assist students with their transition to college and to enable them to grow intellectually and personally. Through weekly goal oriented sessions, students learn how to take charge of their education by learning strategies for time management, organizational skills, note taking, and about the many resources within the college. The purpose is to provide students with the tools necessary to be successful in their college careers. A very unique aspect of the Freshman Seminar program is that the weekly sessions are conducted by the student’s academic advisor.


This fall, the class of 2014 read and discussed Tracy Kidder’s book, Strength In What Remains, in the Freshman Seminar. This is the first year Caldwell University is offering a Common Reading experience. It is a unique way for students to engage in meaningful conversations with one another by reading the same book, at the same time. It also brings people together and helps foster community.



The Freshman Connect Program is a two-semester success program offered to students who are selected by the Office of Admissions. Participation is determined by high school GPA, transcript, SAT scores and other criteria. Structured on a learning community model, Freshman Connect provides students with a controlled learning experience in which they can strengthen their academic skills and realize their potential as successful students while involved in college-level work.


The Advisors play an important role in the life of our freshmen. This group of faculty members and administrators are specially trained to guide students through the sometimes complex advisement and registration process. We believe that the year-long individual advisement with the same advisor helps students to develop the independence they need to be successful.