Your Academic Advisor

The Caldwell community is made up of students who follow a variety of paths to achieve their Caldwell Degree. In order to ensure that students make appropriate progress towards their degree, all Traditional Undergraduate Students and Transfer Students must meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss their academic plans. These students will have a registration hold on their account requiring that they meet with their Faculty Advisor prior to registration.

Transfer Students: You will initially be advised by the Director of Advisement prior to the start of your first semester at Caldwell to help you understand the Caldwell curriculum and core requirements. She will also explain how your transferred courses can be used towards advancing you in your degree and help you in selecting courses towards furthering your academic plans. After the registration period, students will then be assigned an advisor based on the following:

Students with 30 or more transfer credits: You will be assigned to a faculty advisor within your declared major. You will be notified by the Center for Student Success who your faculty advisor will be for the remainder of your career no later than a month after the registration period ends.

Students with less than 30 transfer credits: You will continue to be advised by the Director of Advisement until you have reached a total of 60 credits and have been at Caldwell for at least one semester. If you declare a major before you reach a total of 60 credits, you will be assigned a faculty advisor within your declared major.