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FAQs for Transfer Students

1. How many credits can I transfer to Caldwell University?
A maximum of 90 credits can be transferred to Caldwell University. For all majors, one-half of the course work in the selected major and your final 30 credits must be completed at Caldwell University.

2. Who completes my transcript evaluation?
Your preliminary transcript evaluation is reviewed by the Office of Admissions. Once you have been accepted to Caldwell, it is then your responsibility to submit your remaining official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar before the start of the semester in order that we can then assign you an Academic Advisor.

3. How many credits do I need to graduate?
The awarding of a baccalaureate degree is contingent on a student completing a minimum of 120 credits. Depending on the degree program a student transfers into, he/she may actually complete more than the 120 minimum in order to satisfy a specific degree program’s requirement. Review the “Graduation Requirements” webpage for more information.

4. How long will it take for me to get my degree?
It’s up to you. Each student makes progress toward their degree at their own pace. Some students take up to 18 credits during the spring and fall semesters and up to twelve credits during the summer/winter sessions in order to expedite obtaining their degree.

Remember that one-half of the course work in your major and your final 30 credits must be completed at Caldwell University.

5. Which courses will be accepted at Caldwell?
All academic courses taken at accredited institutions will be reviewed for acceptance. Courses with a grade of C or better will be transferred when they correspond to courses in the Caldwell University curriculum.

 6. When will I know what courses were accepted?
A transfer credit evaluation will be sent to you by the Office of Admissions after you have received your letter of acceptance to the college.

It is your responsibility to compare the evaluation with your Degree Audit (found on the MyCaldwell Portal) and make necessary updates based on the courses you are taking at Caldwell towards graduation.

7. Will my grades and GPA from my previous college affect my GPA at Caldwell?
Your previous grade-point average (GPA) will not transfer. Upon evaluation and for grades of a C or better, you may, however, receive the credits you earned from your previous college and they will count towards the cumulative credits needed to graduate.

8. How are credentials or coursework from other countries evaluated?
Credentials and coursework from institutions outside the United States require an evaluation by the World Educational Services (WES). For more information, contact WES at info@wes.org or see their Web site at www.wes.org.

9. When and how can I register for classes?
As a new Traditional Undergraduate student, you will have the opportunity to meet with the Director of Academic Advisement in the Center for Student Success to select your courses and register; Adult Undergraduates will meet with their Academic Advisor in the Center. You will then be assigned an Academic Advisor based on how many credits you have attained and/or when you declare your major. You will then meet with your faculty advisor to discuss possible courses and then be able to register for classes using our web registration system.

Visit the “Your Academic Advisor” for more information.

For additional questions please contact the Center for Student Success