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For Transfer Students

Welcome to Caldwell! Of the many choices out there, we are excited that you have chosen the Caldwell community to finish your degree. Although transfer students come to Caldwell with a familiarity with college life, we feel it is important to orient them to the wide array of resources and services available to them at Caldwell.

Prior to the start of the semester, all transfer students must meet with an advisor in the Advisement office to register for classes. You will then attend “TRANSFERmation,” Caldwell’s Orientation for Transfer students, on the Friday morning before the official start date of the semester, where you will be given an overview of the Caldwell curriculum, including Majors, the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, Academic Deadlines and Procedures, and other opportunities Caldwell has to offer.

Some quick reminders about our Transfer Policy:

Students may transfer in a maximum of 90 credits

Credit will be given for any course in which a grade of C or greater has been received

Half the total number of credits required for a major must be completed at Caldwell

A student’s final 30 credits must be completed at Caldwell

If you are a transfer student transferring in with:

an Associates of Arts (AA) Degree from a NJ community college , you will have satisfied, as a block, the Core Curriculum with the exception of one Philosophy course, one Theology course, and one course towards the Catholic Dominican Tradition Enriched core

Here are some other things to think about as Transfer Student:

Remember that every college has different policies and rules. It is therefore important to review the information you learn at the “TRANSFERmation” Orientation, refer to the academic calendar for upcoming deadlines, and keep in touch with your Faculty Advisor, especially during your first semester of transition.

Get to know your Faculty Advisor! He/she is specially trained to guide you through the sometimes complex advisement and registration process. As a faculty member in the major you are declared in, he/she will also know what kind of classes to consider taking in the future based on your particular interests, and can connect you with other faculty members that may have similar interests as you. Remember he/she will be your advisor through your entire Caldwell career.

Use your resources! Whether you need an accommodation or are looking to make that grade of a B to an A, the college is here to support you in any way that we can. Visit the Academic Success Center, drop by the office hours of a faculty member, or join one of the many student clubs & organizations on campus, or consider Study Abroad!

More questions? Visit the FAQs For Transfers section to see what other topics may come up.