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For Traditional Undergraduate Students


Welcome to the beginning of your college career at Caldwell! Your first-year at Caldwell will be a time of exploration and discovery. Having decided on a major, you are encouraged to begin working with your First-Year Seminar instructor, who will also serve as your faculty advisor, to select courses that will further your understanding of the major, the Core Curriculum, and work towards your graduation requirements.

Generally, students take 12-18 credits each semester, with an average of 15 credits or five 3-credit courses. Students register themselves for courses that meet their academic and programmatic needs. This individualized approach reflects a review of each freshman’s high school records including course work, grades, SAT scores and placement test results, as well as the courses required for the intended major.

Here are some other things to think about as a Declared Freshman:

Get to know your Faculty Advisor! He/she is specially trained to guide you through the sometimes complex advisement and registration process. As a faculty member in your declared major, he/she will also know what kind of classes to consider taking in the future based on your particular interests, and can connect you with other faculty members who may have similar interests as you. Remember that he/she will be your advisor for your first semester, and potentially through your entire Caldwell career.

You can change your mind! While you might be declared in “x” major now because of a class you took in high school, you might find that it is not quite the same in college. It is better to realize this early in your career and begin to explore other classes through your core courses or electives for a potential match. Remember to look at the major requirements in the University Catalog and be realistic about what the department requires their students to take.

To change your major, fill out the “Declare, Change, or Add a Major” form in MyCaldwell Portal under Student Resource Forms.

Here are some other things to think about as an Undeclared First-Year:

Get to know your Faculty Advisor! He/she is specially trained to guide you through the sometimes complex advisement and registration process. He/she can talk with you about the different interests you may have and guide you in choosing courses that will help you to get a sampling of the different areas. He/she can also connect you with the Department Chair of any potential major in order that you can get to know the major directly from a faculty member from the area.

You have time! While some majors like Education and the Sciences may require you to begin their curriculum right away, as a liberal arts institution, we encourage and allow for students to take various electives. Therefore, take advantage of this time now to explore and try out different classes to ensure that you are making the right decision. Connect with the Career Planning and Development office. Allow courses towards your core and the University Catalog to help you explore the different classes we have to offer.

Use your resources! Whether you need an accommodation or are looking to make that grade of a B to an A, the college is here to support you in any way that we can. Visit the Academic Success Center, drop by the office hours of a faculty member, or join one of the many student clubs & organizations on campus, or consider Study Abroad!

More questions? Visit the FAQs section to see what other topics may come up.