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Online Resources

We encourage students to utilize the various online resources to check on their academic progress, course offerings, and their degree progress.


Published deadlines and dates for the current academic year can be found in MyCaldwell Portal.


Students must contact the respective Department Chair when adding/dropping a major, requesting an overload into a closed class or a pre-requisite waiver for a course, or for pre-approval for a course to be taken off campus.

Visit Department Chairs to obtain their contact information.


Students can access their Unofficial Degree Audit by logging into their MyCaldwell Portal, clicking on the “Students Tab” then on the left hand side, clicking “Undergraduate” then clicking on “Unofficial Degree Audit.” Through the Unofficial Degree Audit, students can check what major and core requirements they have taken and still need take, as well as the number of credits they’ve completed and their cumulative and major GPAs. We encourage students to check their Unofficial Degree Audit before and after registration with their Academic Advisor to ensure that they are taking courses that they need towards graduation.


To access form to make changes to your academic plans, log into MyCaldwell Portal, click on the “Students” tab and click on “Need a Form?”

Visit Academic Policies to further understand what form is needed for your specific situation.


Students may access a wide range of information and important announcements regarding Registration, Advising, Admission, and more by logging into their MyCaldwell Portal using their Caldwell University ID Number and password.

Here you can also search for classes and check to see what classes are still open or closed, as well as get reminders on upcoming registration and student account/billing deadlines. Students can also access their academic records, their progress towards graduation in both the Core requirements and their academic major, as well as check their final grades. First-year students can also view their mid-semester grades, while all students can view any unsatisfactory mid-semester grades they may have received.


Blackboard is an online course management system which allows instructors to post course documents, distribute assignments, and provide links to external Web sites related to the course. Students may also be encouraged to communicate electronically with classmates and/or instructor through Blackboard’s discussion boards and virtual chat.


All traditional students will have a registration hold on their account until they meet with their Academic Advisor to receive registration clearance. Then all students, except students with holds, In-season student-athletes, and non-matriculated students, will have the ability to register online during the open enrollment dates. Please realize that if you have a “HOLD” of any kind you will get inquiry only access and will be unable to register via the Web and must fill out a registration form.

Please be advised of the section key:

  • Sections 001-040: Undergraduate Courses available to ALL students meeting the necessary prerequisites
  • Sections 065-066: Accelerated Saturday Courses available to Adult Undergraduate & Graduate Students
  • Traditional Undergraduates with at least 30 credits and a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or 60 credits and a cumulative GPA of 2.75 can be approved to take an online course after taking the Smartermeasure Assessment.
  • Section 100: External Degree/Distance Learning courses—available to Adult Undergraduates.
  • Section 500: Online Courses available to Adult Undergraduates.

To register online:

  1. Go to the Caldwell University homepage: www.caldwell.edu
  2. Choose: For Current Students in the middle of page
  3. Choose: My Caldwell Portal
  4. On Login page, enter your Username (your e-mail without the “@caldwell.edu”) and Password (case sensitive)
  5. From Successful Login, you can access Academics, Financial Aid, and General
  6. To register, select Students Tab
  7. Select: Add/ Drop Courses on bottom left side
  8. Select: the Course Search tab
  9. Select: Term (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) below and search criteria by Department and click on: Search
  10. Select the course or courses to add by clicking the Add box on the left and click Add Courses below
  11. If you are successful, you will get a message that confirms that you are in the class
  12. Repeat the process for additional classes
  13. After you have added your courses, check Your Schedule (registered) to review your registration

Please note:

  • You will receive a message Add Failure if the course has a prerequisite; you have taken the class before, or if you have a conflict.
  • To ensure that you have selected the appropriate courses, you must contact your Faculty Advisor.
  • If you have a hold for any reason you will not be able to register for classes.