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GPA and Credit Deficiencies


If a student-athlete has a GPA deficiency, then he/she must correct this deficiency by taking summer/winter courses at Caldwell University. Pre-approved courses taken at another institution, ie. at a community college during the summer, will transfer to Caldwell only as a credit and will not count towards the GPA. To have an off-campus course pre-approved, please visit “Summer/Winter Sessions” on the Academic Policies page for more information.

If a student-athlete has a credit deficiency, then he/she may request to take coursework at another institution.

Juniors and Seniors must earn the minimum satisfactory grade required for their major courses in order to have those credits apply towards their athletic eligibility (minimum 12 credits in an academic semester; minimum 24 credits in an academic year). Students who do not meet this requirement may be required to make up credits during a winter/summer session.

A repeated course may be counted only once in meeting NCAA eligibility rules and only after it has been completed with a passing grade.