Class Attendance


Student-athletes are encouraged to schedule classes so as to minimize conflicts with practice and competition.

  • Student athletes shall not be excused from class early, arrive late to class or miss class for practice.
  • For home competitions, student athletes shall not miss class prior to 2 hours before the scheduled competition.
  • For away competitions, student athletes shall not miss any class prior to the scheduled time of departure.
  • The Department of Athletes will, prior to the first scheduled absence and as early as possible, provide the faculty who teach student athletes with a list of all competitions for those student athletes in each professors class. The list of competitions will include the date and time of departure for each competition. This information will be provided by the Center for Student Success at the start of the semester. It is the student athlete’s responsibility to deliver the notices to the professors.
  • Student-athletes must meet with each professor at the beginning of each semester to present a copy of the athletic schedule provided to them by the Center for Student Success and discuss the procedure to promptly “makeup” any assignments missed due to competition.


A standardized absence form will be prepared by the Director of Advisement from the Center for Student Success.

The Missed Class Policy requires the student athletes to submit their missed classes notices within the first two weeks of the semester. Failure to submit the Missed Class Notices within that time frame allows professors to not accept the excuse notice, and prevents the student athlete from competing.

  • Review with the professor the dates and the number of classes that will be missed because of competition.
  • Discuss these absences in conjunction with the professor’s attendance policy and exam schedule as stated in the course syllabus.
  • DO NOT miss class for any reason other than competition.
  • Remind your professor the class before a game if you will be missing his/her next class.
  • Make up all work; copy all notes and obtain missed handouts in a timely fashion.
  • Keep the professor apprised of any changes.