Time Management

Most students opting to take online courses are dealing with added responsibilities and pressures that traditional college students deal with. Students may be working full time, managing families, and may physically not have the time to come to campus. This is how learning tools to manage your time can be crucial and beneficial. Taking courses online does not mean you can’t get the most out of your Caldwell experience. The keys to successful time management include self-knowledge and goals, in addition to developing and maintaining a personal, flexible schedule.

The following are worksheets that you can print and work on in your own time.

How Well Do You Plan
Time Tips
What do you do when to do lists are not your style

How to begin working on time management:

Look at the big picture. This will begin with an overview of the semester. You do this by filling out all significant events and due dates. This process will give you a sense of your busy times and how you can plan ahead.

 Set realistic goals for yourself. Know what you can honestly handle and what will be overwhelming for you. If you can only take one course, that’s ok. It’s better to take one course and earn a high grade then take more courses and end up having to repeat them.

You need to fill out a weekly planner:

Determine the hours during the day that are filed with work, class, appointments, activities, family, social time. This helps you plan ahead.

The amount of space and time that is not filled in will be set up for prep and study time. If there is no free time you need to cut some things from your schedule. List each class and determine how many hours you need to devote to each. A good rule of thumb is to allow 3 hours outside of class for each course.

The following link will take you to the academic calendar where you can view important dates for the semester:

2012-2013 Monthly Calendar