FAQs for Adult Undergraduates

1. Are the degree requirements different for Adult Undergraduate students than for Traditional Undergraduate students?
No, the graduation degree requirements are the same for all Caldwell undergraduate students.

2. Will the transcript specify how the degree was completed, i.e. on-campus, externally, or online?
No, all Caldwell transcripts/diplomas are the same. All courses are taught by Caldwell University faculty and reflect the same rigor of instruction.

3. May Adult Undergraduates take daytime classes on-campus?
Yes, adult students may take classes in a variety of ways. In addition to daytime classes, the Adult Undergraduates may take classes in the evening, on Saturdays in an accelerated format (7 week fall/spring), through distance learning and online.

4. May Adult Undergraduates use Campus facilities and services?
Yes, all campus facilities ranging from the Fitness Center, to Intramural activities, to dinning plans at the newly renovated Dining Hall as well as tutoring, academic workshops, and additional services are available to all members of the Caldwell community.

5. Will Adult Undergraduates have an Academic Advisor?
Yes, unlike Traditional Undergraduates, all Adult Undergraduates have a professional Academic Advisor from the Center for Student Success.

 6. Do Adult Undergraduates participate in Graduation?
Yes, all Adult Undergraduates are encouraged and invited to participate in all graduation ceremonies and traditions at Caldwell University.

7. Is there an Adult Student Orientation?
Yes, there is a separate Adult Orientation held on the first Saturday of each semester. Attendance is mandatory for all new students. Visit the Adult Orientation webpage to learn more.

8. Is the cost of tuition different between a Traditional Undergraduate and an Adult Undergraduate student?
Yes, the cost of tuition is different. Adult Undergraduates pay by course/credit while Traditional Undergraduates pay an annual tuition. There is a comprehensive fee per fall and spring semester and a fee for Online and Distance Learning classes.

9. Are Adult Undergraduates eligible for financial aid and scholarships?
Yes, Financial Aid and scholarships are available to the Adult Undergraduates. See the specific scholarships for criteria and guidelines.

10. How do I look up who my Faculty Advisor is?
You can look up who your advisor is through your MyCaldwell Portal. Log into your MyCaldwell Portal and click on the “Academic Info” tab or the “Academics” tab and the name of your advisor will be listed.

For additional questions please contact the Center for Student Success