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Spanish and Education (Elementary)


The suggested Four-Year Major Plan is a guide to help Caldwell University students complete their graduation requirements within four years. It is a suggested framework which builds upon the core curriculum as well as the required and elective courses within a student’s major. This suggested plan does not include developmental courses. Should developmental courses be required, students will need to work with their Academic Advisor to include those additional courses; this may delay graduation in four years. Students should always meet with their Academic Advisor to further individualize their academic plans and confirm the availability of courses and course sequencing. The following credits below include the minimum required courses and credits needed to graduate. Students enrolled as full-time status may take 12-18 credits a semester.

NOTE: This suggested Four-Year Major Plan applies to students who matriculated during the 2014-2015 academic year.

First Year
Fall Semester CR Spring Semester CR
Core: FS 189 Freshman Seminar (Freshmen only) 1 SP 202:Intermediate Spanish II (Enriched Core Cluster: Global Awareness & Cultural Understanding) or SP 3xx or 4xx (Spanish Major Course)** 3
Core: EN 111 College Writing* (or EN 320 by placement) 3 Core: TH 102 – Intro. to Christian Theology 3
SP 201: Intermediate Spanish I (Core: Modern Language) or SP 3xx or 4xx (Spanish Major Course) (by placement)** 3 Core: Math – MA 117 or MA 130 (based on placement)*** 3
Core: Social Science – PS 211 Child Psychology 3 Core: Fine Arts – AH 245 Art Fundamentals for the Elementary Teacher 3
Core: Science – PY 101 Survey of Physical Sciences*** 3 Core: HI 101 Roots of the West or HI 102 The Shaping of the West*** 3
Core: CS 115 Essential Computer Skills (or elective/core) 3
Total: 16 Total: 15
Second Year
Fall Semester CR Spring Semester CR
Spanish Major Course: SP 3xx or 4xx** 3 Spanish Major Course: SP 3xx or 4xx** 3
Spanish Major Course: SP 3xx or 4xx** 3 Spanish Major Course: SP 3xx or 4xx** 3
ED 206 Phil. & Hist. Foundations of Education 3 ED 331 Intro. to Education of Exceptional Child**** 3
Core: Math – MA 116 (based on placement) or  elective/core/major requirement*** 3 ED 447 Instructional Technology**** 3
Core: Science – BI 103: Biological Principles and BI 103L: Biological Principles Lab*** 3 SS 101 Topics in Social Studies*** 3
Core:Core: Literature – EN xxx 3
Total: 15 Total: 18
Third Year
Fall Semester CR Spring Semester CR
Spanish Major Course: SP 3xx or 4xx** 3 Spanish Major Course: SP 3xx or 4xx** 3
Spanish Major Course: SP 3xx (if took SP 201) or Core: Modern Language (if took SP 3xx or 4xx)** 3 Spanish Major Course: SP 3xx or 4xx (if took SP 202) or Enriched Core Cluster: Global Awareness & Cultural Understanding (if took SP 3xx or 4xx)** 3
ED 340 Teaching Reading/Language Arts/Elem**** 3 ED 448E Instructional Design I: Mathematics**** 3
Enriched Core Cluster (Ethical Inquiry/Catholic & Dominican) 3 Core: Social Science – SO 231, 323, 343, 474 or 476 3
Core: Fine Arts – MU 245 Music Fundamentals for theElementary Teacher 3 Elective Core: PH 102 Intro. to Philosophy 3
Total: 15 Total: 15
Fourth Year
Fall Semester CR Spring Semester CR
Spanish Major Course: SP 3xx or 4xx** 3 ED 470 Student Teaching**** 9
Spanish Major Course: SP 3xx or 4xx** 3 ED 475 Student Teaching Seminar**** 3
ED 449E Instructional Design II: Social Studies & Science**** 3
Core: Social Science – PS 209 Prenatal/Infant Psychology 3
Enriched Core Cluster (Ethical Inquiry /Catholic & Dominican) 3
Total: 15 Total: 12

*A second writing intensive (WI) course is required. Students are recommended to complete it before the end of their fourth semester. Students who transfer to Caldwell with a minimum of 30 credits will have their second WI course waived.

**Students who took SP 201 and/or SP 202 must take additional major course(s) to fulfill the ten-course major which begins with SP 3xx or SP 4xx. Students who placed directly into SP 3xx or 4xx must take additional courses to fulfill their Core Modern Language and Global Awareness & Cultural Understanding Enriched Core Cluster. Global Awareness & Cultural Understanding Enriched Core Cluster may be completed with a non-Spanish course.

***Students must complete their Math CORE prior to taking ED 448E. Students must complete their History and Science CORE prior to taking ED 449E.

****Student must attain and maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and apply and be accepted to the Education Major in order to register for these classes. Students must also pass the Praxis in order to register to take ED 449E, ED 470 and ED 475.

Total Credits Required (minimum): 121 credits

GPA: 3.0

Minimum Grade in Content Major and Core (English, Math, History & Science): C

Minimum Grade in Education Major Courses: B-



Students must consult with their faculty advisor to determine
appropriate course placement to complete the ten-course major.
SP 321 Advanced Spanish Grammar I
SP 322 Advanced Spanish Grammar II
SP 325 Spanish Conversation and Composition I
SP 326 Spanish Conversation and Composition II
SP 329 Hispanic Civilization I
SP 330 Hispanic Civilization II
SP 390 Children’s Literature for the Classroom
SP 341 Seminar in a Spanish Speaking Country
SP 401 Spanish Literature I
SP 402 Spanish Literature II
SP 403 Survey of Spanish American Literature
SP 404 The Contemporary Spanish American Novel
SP 408 The Spanish American Short Story
SP 409 Topics in Spanish Studies: The Spanish Speaking World Through Film
SP 420 Teaching World Languages
SP 423 Hispanic Caribbean Literature
SP 499 Independent Study
LA 301 Introduction to Language
Or a 3-credit Field Internship


1st Semester Sophomore (Students Apply to Division of Education)
ED 206 Phil. & Hist. Found. of Education 9 3
2nd Semester Sophomore
ED 331 Intro. to Educ. of Exceptional Child 25 3
ED 447 Instructional Technology
• Take Praxis 10014
1st Semester Junior
ED 340 Teaching Reading/Language Arts/Elem. 40 3
2nd Semester Junior
ED 448E Instruct. Design I: Mathematics 60 3
1st Semester Senior
ED 449E Instruct. Design II: Soc. Stu. & Sci.• To register for this course the student must have passed Praxis 5031 60 3
2nd Semester Senior
ED 470 Student Teaching 9
ED 475 Student Teaching Seminar 3


Additional Certifications Field Hours Credits
Teacher of Student with Dissabiliteis
ED 351 Assessment Issues 12 3
ED360 Behaviour Mgmt. Strategies for Inclusive & Self-Contained Classroom 25 3
ED380 Specialized Instruction in Reading 12 3
ED460 Inclusive Practices 12 3
Teacher Of Professional through Grade Three (Prek-3)
ED333 Curriculum in Early Childhood Educ. 3
ED332 Methods in Early Childhood Educ. 3
Take Praxis in 10022 Early Child. Content
Elementary with Subject Matter Specialization (Grades 5-8)
ED348 Secondary Content Area Learning & Literacy  40 3
PS216 Adolescent Psychology 3
Take Praxis and additional courses for specific content areas (English, Science, Math, Social Studies)