Graphic Design (B.F.A.)


The suggested Four-Year Major Plan is a guide to help Caldwell University students complete their graduation requirements within four years. It is a suggested framework which builds upon the core curriculum as well as the required and elective courses within a student’s major. This suggested plan does not include developmental courses. Should developmental courses be required, students will need to work with their Academic Advisor to include those additional courses; this may delay graduation in four years. Students should always meet with their Academic Advisor to further individualize their academic plans and confirm the availability of courses and course sequencing. The following credits below include the minimum required courses and credits needed to graduate. Students enrolled as full-time status may take 12-18 credits a semester.

Suggested Four-Year Major Plan worksheet

NOTE: This suggested Four-Year Major Plan applies to students who matriculated during the 2016-2017 academic year.

First Year

Fall Semester Credits
 AR 111 Drawing I 3
 AR 113 2D Design 3
Core: FS 189 Freshman Seminar (Freshmen only) 1
Core: EN 111 College Writing* (or EN 320 by placement) 3
Core: MA 112 Concepts of Mathematics (or college-level math by placement) 3
 Core: Modern Language Core – SP/FR/AS/IT 3
Total: 16 
Spring Semester Credits
AR 118 3D Design 3
AR 204 – Color Theory 3
AR 220 – Digital Art I 3
Core – Social Science 3
Core: TH 102 – Intro. to Catholic Theology 3
Total: 15 

Second Year

Fall Semester Credits
 AR 250 Sculpture I 3
 AR 280 – Painting I 3
AH 212 World Art I 3
 AR 248 Typography I 3
 Core: PH 102 Intro. to Philosophy 3
Total: 15 
Spring Semester Credits
 AR 227 Life Drawing 3
  AR 224-Graphic Design I 3
 AH 215 World Art II 3
 AR 357  Web Design 3
 Core: CO 230 Communication Skills (
or DR 102, 103, 104)
Total: 15 

Third Year

Fall Semester Credits
 AR 310 Junior Comprehensive 3
 AR 229 Digital Photography I 3
 AR 350 Digital Imaging I 3
 AR 358 -Typography II 3
 Enriched Core Cluster (Ethical Inquiry/Global Awareness/Catholic & Dominican) 3
AH 214 – Modern Art 3
Total: 15
Spring Semester Credits
AR 339 – Identity Design 3
AR 348: Graphic Design II 3
Core: Literature – EN xxx 3
 Enriched Core Cluster (Ethical Enquiry/ Global Awareness/ Catholic & Dominican) 3
Core: Biological or Physical Science 3
Total: 15

Fourth Year

Fall Semester Credits
AR 455 Senior Seminar 2
Graphic Design Elective** 3
 AH 206 History of Design 3
 Core: HI 101 Roots of the West or H1 102 The Shaping of the Wes 3
 Enriched Core Cluster (Ethical Enquiry/ Global Awareness/ Catholic & Dominican) 3
Total: 14 
Spring Semester Credits
 AR 466 B.F.A. Thesis & Exhibition 4
 AR 437 Advanced Portfolio 3
Graphic Design Elective** 3
 Core: Social Science 3
Core: Fine Arts – MU122, MU212 MU220,  MU231 or MU240 3
Total: 16

*A second writing intensive (WI) course is required. Students are recommended to complete it before the end of their fourth semester. Students who transfer to Caldwell with a minimum of 30 credits will have their second WI course waived.

**Students must complete two additional studio courses at the 300-level or above.

Total Credits Required (minimum): 121 credits

GPA: 2.0

Minimum Grade in Major Courses: C

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