Suggested Four-Year Major Plan (Academic Year 2016-2017)

The Suggested Four-Year Major Plan is a guide to help Caldwell University students complete their graduation requirements within four years. It is a suggested framework which builds upon the core curriculum as well as the required and elective courses within a student’s major. This suggested plan does not include developmental courses. Should developmental courses be required, students will need to work with their Academic Advisor to include those additional courses; this may delay graduation in four years. Students should always meet with their Academic Advisor to further individualize their academic plans and confirm the availability of courses and course sequencing. The following credits below include the minimum required courses and credits needed to graduate. Students enrolled as full-time status may take 12-18 credits a semester.

Suggested Four-Year Major Plan worksheet 

NOTE : This suggested Four-Year Major Plan applies to students who matriculated during the 2016-2017 academic year.

First Year

Fall Semester Credits
 BI 101: General Biology I* 3
 BI 101L: General Biology I Lab: Zoology* 1
 CH 111: General Chemistry I * 3
CH 111L: General Chemistry II Lab* 1
 CH 011: General Chemistry, Calculation & Computation I*** 1 non-degree
Core: FS 189 – Freshman Seminar (Freshmen only) 1
Core: MA 130 – Foundations of Analysis I or higher* 3
 Core: EN 111 – College Writing (or EN 320 by placement)* 3
Total: 16
Spring Semester Credits
 BI 102: General Biology II 3
 BI 102L: General Biology II Lab: Botany 1
 CH 112: General Chemistry II 3
CH 112L: General Chemistry II Lab 1
 CH 011: General Chemistry, Calculation & Computation II*** 1 non-degree credit
MA 131 – Foundations of Analysis II (if took MA 130) or Elective/Core 3
 Core: Literature – EN xxx 3
  Core: Modern Language – SP/FR/AS/IT 3
Total: 18

Second Year

Fall Semester Credits
 BI 207: Vertebrate Anatomy & Physiology I 3
 BI 207L: Vertebrate Anatomy & Physiology Lab 1
 CH 203: Organic Chemistry I 4
 H 203L: Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
 Y 201: General Physics I 3
 PY 201L: General Physics I Lab 1
BI 212: Biostatistics (1-credit) or MA 207: Applications of Statistics (3-credit) 1 or 3
Total: 14 or 16 
Spring Semester Credits
 BI 210: Cell Biology  3
 BI 210L: Cell Biology Lab 1
 CH 204: Organic Chemistry II 4
 CH 204L: Organic Chemistry II Lab 1
 PY 202: General Physics II 3
PY 202L: General Physics II Lab 1
Core: Social Science 3
Total: 16 

Third Year

Fall Semester Credits
 BI 315: Microbiology 3
 BI 315L: Microbiology Lab 1
Biology Major Elective Lecture: BI xxx**** 3
Corresponding Major Elective Lab: BI xxxL**** 1
 Core: PH 102 – Introduction to Philosophy 3
Enriched Core Cluster – (Ethical Inquiry /Global Awareness/Catholic & Dominican) 3
Core: Fine Arts – Art or Music 3
Total: 17 
Spring Semester Credits
 Biology Major Elective Lecture: BI xxx****  3
 Corresponding Major Elective Lab: BI xxxL*** 1
 Elective 3
 Enriched Core Cluster – (Ethical Inquiry /Global Awareness/Catholic & Dominican) 3
Core: CS 115 – Essential Computer Skills (or elective/core) 3
Core: TH 102 – Introduction to Christian Theology 3
Total: 16 

Fourth Year

Fall Semester Credits
Core: Social Science  3
 Core: HI 101 – Roots of the West or
HI 102 – The Shaping of the West
 Core: CO 230: Communication Skills(or DR 102, 103, 104) 3
 Enriched Core Cluster – (Ethical Inquiry /Global Awareness/Catholic & Dominican) 3
 Elective or MA 220: Calculus I (optional) 3 or 4
Total: 15 or 16 
Spring Semester Credits
 BI 402: Genetics  3
 BI 402L: Genetics Lab 1
Biology Major Elective Lecture: BI xxx**** 3
 Corresponding Major Elective Lab: BI xxxL**** 1
BI 411R: Literature/Research***** AND 2
BI 411C: Literature Composition***** 2
Total: 14 

*Students may begin the science sequence only if they test into college level math. Students who test into developmental math must wait to begin the science sequence once they can take MA 130 or higher. Pre-med, pre-dental, and other pre-health students are advised to consult with the pre-health advisor to ensure that they are completing the appropriate pre-med/pre-health requirements.

**A second writing intensive (WI) course is required. Students are recommended to complete it before the end of their fourth semester. Students who transfer to Caldwell with a minimum of 30 credits will have their second WI course waived.
***CH 011 and CH 012 are required1-non degree credit courses that must be taken with CH 111 or CH 112 respectively.
****Biology majors take three of the following 300-level lecture/lab course combinations offered in alternate years: BI 301 and BI 301L, Histology; BI 302 and BI 302L, Embryology; BI 305 and BI 305L, Environmental Biology; BI 316 and BI 316L, Immunology. Students should consult with their advisor.

*****Students may request to take BI 411R: Research/Lab (2-credits) and BI 411C: Research Composition (2-credits) in the spring in place of NP 341 (1-credit).

Total Credits Required (minimum): 122 credits

Minimum Grade in Major Courses: C

Minimum Grade in Supportive Sciences: D