registration Requirements

  1. Complete an online program registration at
  2. Download the recommendation form from the website and have a youth minister, teacher, guidance counselor or other adult non-family member complete/mail in the form to the address below.


July 14-20 Caldwell University, Caldwell, NJ

Seven days of thinking deeply about our lives and the things we do on a day-to-day basis. What does it look like for us to eat, drink, dress, shop, watch, play, and love in ways that help and heal those around us as well as foster health and happiness in our own lives? Mornings will consist of “class,” afternoons will consist of free time and organized events, and evenings will be spent in discussion and hangout.

Our morning scheduled topics:

Day 1 – Introduction

Day 2 – Immigration

Day 3 – Contemplation

Day 4 – Communication

Day 5 – Service and the Environment

Day 6 – Art

Day 7 – Debrief and Departure

Afternoons: The Turtle Back Zoo, canoeing at the Essex County Environmental Center, attending a local baseball game, ice cream social, and exploring a labyrinth, for example.