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Caldwell, N.J., April 21, 2015 –

Caldwell University Science Students presented their research at the Independent College Fund of New Jersey Undergraduate Research Symposium “Investing in Students Investing in New Jersey” on March 30 at Liberty Science Center.  Led by their professor, Dr. Agnes Berki, Caldwell students Laura Prioteasa, Jaimie Peter, and Tulaja Shrestha joined their peers from other colleges and universities to share their poster presentations with a panel of judges made up of professionals from New Jersey’s leading top industries, ICFNJ member institutions, and trustees.

Dr. Berki said the symposium “provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to practice the final steps of scientific method and share the results of their findings. All three of our students exhibited preparedness and professionalism.”

Prioteasa, a biology and secondary education major, won an Outstanding Presentation Research Symposium award for her research project on “Investigation of the Quantity of E. coli in Relation to Other Bacteria on Computer Keyboards in University Settings.”

Shrestha, a biology major with a chemistry minor, conducted research on the “Study of a Natural and Innovative Antifungal Treatment for Athlete’s Foot.” She was grateful to Nature’s Pavilion in Pompton Plains for providing the test material, Bioessence Antifungal Oil.

Shrestha and Prioteasa are ICFNJ undergraduate research symposium grant recipients.

Peter, a biology major with chemistry and business administration minors, researched “The Effects of Dental Hygiene Products on the Growth Properties of S. sanguinis in the Health Oral Flora”.  Peter was a recipient of the Novartis Science Scholarship and the Schering-Plough Undergraduate Research Scholarship.