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Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Hometown: Lodi , NJ

What was the best part of your experience as a student at Caldwell University?

The best part of my experience here at Caldwell University was meeting the individuals who have molded my life for the better and for forever.

Where are you headed now

As I prepare for the end of my undergrad career, I am also preparing to take the nursing board exam, the end of this upcoming June. As I send out applications, I keep my eyes open to the future. 

How has Caldwell prepared you for your field?

Caldwell University instills in its students a drive, passion, courage, and fortitude for excellence. As a nursing student, I am confident in my assessment skills and ability to advocate for my patients. My time here has prepared me to be the best novice nurse I can be. 

Life lessons learned at Caldwell? 

Teamwork, persistence, time management, therapeutic communications, creativity and networking are simply a few of the great takeaways/lessons learned here on campus. But those lessons are rudimentary. Life at Caldwell is full of opportunity. These opportunities allow us to navigate the world with everlasting friendships. This is the place where you meet a host of different and unique individuals who show you true comradery. 

Who helped you get here that you want to thank? 

I would like to thank my family, especially my parents for all their support and encouragement. I would like to extend an endless amount of thanks for the faculty and staff here at Caldwell University. You’re unwavering support and love for us students is unmatched. To Gourmet  Dining, the library staff, and most certainly, the Office of Student Engagement, you are all deeply appreciated. 

Favorite spot on Caldwell’s campus? 

The library is undeniably my favorite spot on campus. This meeting space serves as a platform for growth as well as a social ground where students meet to work on projects, homework, and to collaborate, but to also decompress amongst each other. I have spent countless late night study sessions [there] breaking only to pick up fast food and more coffee but most importantly I have shared endless laughs with peers there. 

Other highlights of your time at Caldwell? 

If [it were] possible to highlight every bit of time at Caldwell University, I would. However since I cannot, I wish to highlight my time in the Student Government Association. Serving the last four years, most notably my last two years as president, has brought me a lifetime of friendship and connections I know I will maintain even after I depart our beloved campus. My involvement in student engagement, including Greek Life makes me proud to be a Caldwell grad. 

Outstanding accomplishment 

Among Guerra’s many accomplishments she received the prestigious 2022 Trustee Recognition Award at Honors Convocation. This award is given to an outstanding member of the graduating class who has developed his or her special and unique talents during their time at Caldwell University and  shared those gifts generously to and on behalf of others providing evidence that Caldwell’s mission and core values will remain a guiding force in that graduate’s life in the future.