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Sam Shrestha’s work in the Digital Communications Office at Caldwell University has put him in contact with students, faculty, staff, alumni, University trustees, and administration, essentially all of the campus community. “The people were the best part,” says Shrestha as he recalls his four years as a Caldwell student. For three-plus years he worked in the office, helping launch a new website, making daily updates to the site, assisting with live streaming, as well as filming and editing videos for the News and Media Relations and Development and Alumni offices.   

During his freshman year, Shrestha was busy adjusting to a new environment and was not as involved in campus activities. “Once I started working with Anthony Yang [in digital communications] on the website, I would take pictures at events and people would talk with me.” That opened doors and made college life much more enjoyable.

Shrestha just graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer information systems with a concentration in information technology. He is headed to the global fintech and payment company Fiserv to work as a technology analyst. His on-campus job working with the University’s communications and technology professionals prepared him. “It helped me land the job,” says the Nepal native. And so did the professors in the School of Business and Computer Science. “They are always sending students information on internships and opportunities where they can further study in technology and IT.” 

Like many undergrads, Shrestha struggled with choosing a major. During his sophomore year, when he knew he had to make a decision, he realized he had a love for technology. “I tried to think of what would make me happy, and I decided to major in computer information systems.” It was the right decision and taught him a lesson: “Never be afraid to believe in yourself and follow your passion.” 

Shrestha encourages other students to take advantage of on-campus employment for their futures and for the chance to get to know others and form a community. “There are a lot of opportunities for students coming in,” he says. And the University is grateful to have students like Shrestha who are smart, innovative team players. “Sam was instrumental in helping the digital communications team meet its goals the past two years, including launching a new University website, making daily updates and covering various campus events with video support and live streaming,” says Matt Netter, manager of digital content and communications. “Sam is dedicated and resourceful and always looks to find a way when the solution isn’t obvious. He’s a pleasure to work with and has also helped instruct the new crop of our student workers.” 

Ask Shrestha to name his favorite spot on campus and, no surprise, it comes back to appreciating people. “Being in the cafeteria looking at people involved with their friends, some studying, now that we are back.” He likes the surrounding area too. “It is a lovely community on and off-campus. It is a really diverse community. People are really helpful.”