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Emergency Alerts and Communication

Caldwell University continually strives to improve its mass communication capabilities to students, faculty and staff. The University already offers all of these groups their own free email account on the University sever, and the University can send all-campus e-mails for information purposes. However, the University recognizes that many students choose to communicate through alternative means on a regular basis (i.e. cell phones; text messaging).

Caldwell University has contracted with Blackboard Connect, one of the nation’s leading providers of emergency communication notifications, to provide this service.

The most important aspect of any mass communication system is for those who need to be contacted to supply the contact for the device they monitor the most frequently. This could be e-mail, text message, or voice mail (home or cell phone). Please realize that the contact information you submit will NOT be shared with any other department and will only be utilized in the event of a campus emergency.

Blackboard Connect