Appendix G – Extracurricular Activities Initiatives

The Caldwell University Office of Student Engagement is offering a programming series in key content areas: Leadership Development, Identity/Race/Equity, Wellness, Multicultural/Global Affairs, Entertainment/Social Engagement.


Virtual Activities During Stages 2 and 3:

  • Leadership development workshops/presentations
  • Seminar style conversations on race, equity, and identity
  • Multicultural showcases on a weekly/monthly basis that showcase cultures from around the world
  • Cougar Chronicles (stories sharing what students have done/continue to do to remain positive and focused during COVID-19)
  • Virtual performances (music, comedy, spoken word, etc)Virtual drop-in sessions with OSE staff and SGA officers to get feedback from students and answer questions
  • Civic engagement on local and state level through SGA
  • Meditation and mindfulness sessions

In Person Activities During Stage 3:

  • Outdoor performances
  • Outdoor social distance dance parties
  • Outdoor yoga, Tai Chi, and other wellness/fitness sessions (Note: will be coupled with cultural significance workshop/presentation and where the style originated from)
  • Small group seminar style discussions on race, identity, and equity
  • Social distance social media contests