Appendix F – Stage 3 Classroom and Computer Lab Rules

Cougars Come Together – Let’s Do This for Each Other!

  • Masks must be worn unless and accommodation has been approve through the Office of Accessibility Services (students) or Human Resources (HR). Failure to comply can result in a removal from the classroom. Faculty have the right to ask a student to leave the classroom if they are not in compliance.
  • No eating or drinking is permitted in the classroom.
  • Do not place personal belongings on chairs that are over decals.
  • Do not move any furniture. Chairs must remain over designated floor decals. Do not remove any signs, decals, or barriers. Sit in seats over color floor decals designated as posted in each classroom.
  • Upon entering and exiting the classroom, do not congregate in the the doorway and/or hallway.
  • Follow social distancing protocols. Maintain 6 feet of distance between you and other people whenever possible.
  • Classrooms will be cleaned daily and classroom seating will alternate with every other class. In addition, shared surfaces such as mice, touchscreen monitors and keyboards should be wiped before and after use. Wipes are available in the classroom and labs.
  • Wash hands or use sanitizer before and after handing papers or any other items to anyone else in the classroom. When possible, consider electronic alternatives. If students must submit written assignments or exams to their professor, they should place the assignment in a designated location, such as envelope or container, rather than handing it directly to the professor.
  • Faculty will dismiss students a row at a time to enable socially distant exiting of classrooms.