Appendix D – COVID-19 Visitor Policy

In an effort to keep all members of the campus community as safe as possible, visitors to the campus will be limited. Anyone visiting the campus must be approved through a cabinet member.  Once the visit is approved, the host will be responsible for ensuring that all University safety protocols are observed.

All approved university guests including regular vendors must:

  1. Conduct a self assessment prior to arriving on campus. Liaisons or hosts must notify the guest of this requirement and send a link to the CDC self-assessment tool.  If the assessment yields a result of COVID-19  symptoms, the visitor must not come to campus and is advised to get medical assistance.
  2. If the visitor may have come in contact with anyone with COVID-19 within 2 weeks of coming to campus, the visitor should not come to campus regardless of a lack of symptoms. 
  3. All visitors must wear face coverings on our campus at all times, practice appropriate personal hygiene protocol such as handwashing, and observe social distancing requirements and signage on campus.
  4. It will be the responsibility of the host of the visitor to remain with the visitor during the person’s time on campus and by the end of that business day to log the movement of the visitor on  the Qualtrics Survey site.  This will assist in contact tracing, in the event that the visitor,or any of the person’s  contacts while on campus reports a positive COVID-19 test or positive symptoms of COVID-19.

(In CU Employee Restart Policies and Guidance)

Student Residence Hall Visitation Policy 

Resident to resident visitation is permitted with social distancing for day visits only. Face coverings are required. (Only in stage 3) 

Overnight, commuter, and outside visitation is suspended.

In C-Book – Volume 6 University Policy Manual