Appendix B – Employee Return to Campus Policies and Guidance


Caldwell University is working hard to protect our faculty, staff and students in the workplace as we begin to resume in-person operations for the fall 2020 semester during the  COVID-19 pandemic.  A task force composed of individuals from across the campus has been meeting continuously to address the many issues involved in resuming operations. The goal of the Return to Campus Taskforce (RTC)  is to make it possible to operate effectively ensuring that all essential services are provided and to follow enhanced protocols designed to keep employees safe within the workplace. These policies are meant to supplement the policies in the University’s current policy manual. 

Caldwell University is committed to monitoring and sharing authoritative information from the CDC,  the state and federal governments and others about the nature and spread of infectious diseases, including symptoms and signs to watch for, as well as required steps to be taken in the event of an illness or outbreak. These policies and guidance may be updated as additional guidance and requirements are released. 

Instruction for the fall 2020 semester is scheduled to begin on August 31. While the University is hoping we return in Stage 3 of the state’s restart plan, in the event we remain in Stage 2,  instruction will remain remote with the exception of open labs, clinical courses, technical classes, and hands-on instruction.  Also in Stage 2, all but essential employees will continue to work from home. Contained in this document is information to establish standards that allow employees to return to their areas of in-person engagement in the work setting in a manner that protects their health and the health of the Caldwell community in accordance with CDC guidance. Supervisors of administrative departments have been asked to submit operational plans that include identifying positions that have responsibilities requiring an on-campus presence. Most employees will begin to return to campus in a phased manner, with staggered schedules to promote social distancing while maintaining appropriate office coverage for student support services. 

Individuals who believe they may face particular challenges reporting to work during an infectious disease outbreak should take steps to develop necessary contingency plans. For example, employees may need to arrange for alternative sources of child care should schools close or not open and/or speak with supervisors about the potential to work from home temporarily or on an alternative work schedule. Individuals who may fall into a high risk category identified by the CDC for complications from the pandemic influenza virus and who wish to request a reasonable accommodation should contact Michelle Stauss at or 973-618-3555 to engage in the interactive process per the University’s Institutional Policy on Disability, section located in Volume II of the University’s policy manual on the staff and faculty portal page.   Those who may need consideration due to schools or day-care centers being closed or other child care services being unavailable, or to care for other dependents should contact Jennifer Cannon at or 973-618-3405 to discuss options that may be available to you through our telecommuting policy, sick leave policy or other state or federal leave programs. 

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