Move-In Information

When the University welcomes students back to campus, the Office of Residence Life will stagger check-in times and use social distancing measures. This means that there will be assigned appointment times, limits on guest(s), time limits on appointment windows, and paperwork that may need to be completed prior to arriving on campus. All health clearances must be approved prior to move in and cannot be completed on the day of check in. Social distancing does not allow for a “move in crew,” of volunteers that may typically help students move in. For incoming students, the welcome weekend program will follow a hybrid orientation model that will require some socially distanced in-person programming as well as virtual components that can be completed from the convenience of their living spaces. Please see more information below.

  1. On August 17, 2020, you will receive a text message and/or email with a link to sign up for the check in scheduler. The times you are eligible for will be displayed on the mobile sign up. You will schedule a 1 hour appointment time for move in. You are allowed to register up to 2 guests.
  2. Please make sure to arrive at your scheduled date and time. We want to ensure an easy flow of traffic and make move in an enjoyable experience for all. If you are early, please go to the nearest parking lot and email for further instructions.
  3. On the day of move-in, you will receive a parking pass that will be placed into your car dashboard. Please provide an accurate cell phone number so that we may contact you. All cars will unload in the front of your respective residence hall and be relocated within 5minutes to the main parking lot. Please be prepared to move your vehicles and follow all security traffic patterns. Helpers are only permitted to be in the building for the 1 hour appointment time slot. Everyone must wear face coverings. If you do not have one, you will be asked to leave by security personnel.
  4. Make sure to bring government-issued photo identification so that we can verify who you are.
  5. If this is your first year living on campus and you have not turned in your health forms and been cleared, you will not be permitted to move into the residence halls. Please bring a copy of your required health records with you in case you need to provide them to health services.
  6. Please note that if you do not move in on your assigned date and time you must contact the Office of Residence Life via email at You must move in during your appointment time, if not your name will be flagged as a no show and you may forfeit your housing assignment to others waiting to be assigned.

Quarantine & Isolation procedures during the semester
While students are on campus, if a student needs quarantine or isolation as directed from a health professional, they will be expected to travel home as per our policy. Please be prepared to return home in the event you need this. The university will make a decision if we need to house anyone due to an extenuating circumstance.

2 week emergency bag: In the event quarantine or isolation is necessary and whether or not a student is traveling home or remaining on campus, each student is required to have an “emergency bag”. The following items should be in the emergency bag:

  • Extra cell phone charger
  • List of important numbers written out
  • List of allergies
  • 2 or more complet changes of comfy clothes (sweats, PJ pants, and T’s)
  • Socks
  • Fleece throw or blanket
  • Sheets
  • Cough Drops
  • Tylenol
  • Vicks
  • Mucinex DM or Robitussin Cough
  • Thermometer
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Toothbrush
  • Prescription meds
  • Tissues
  • Snack
  • Multiple Face Coverings

Student insurance:
As stated in the housing contract: The University does not carry insurance covering your personal property and is not liable for and does not assume any responsibility for theft, destruction, malfunction, failure or loss of money, valuables or other personal property belonging to, or in the custody of, the resident from any cause whatsoever, whether such loss occurs in your room/apartment, storage area or public areas. Therefore, it is advisable that you obtain your own renter’s insurance to cover your personal property in the event of damage or loss. NSSI is a national student insurance, that can assist in plans.

Policy Changes
In addition to the below policies, please see the COVID-19 student policy and the C-Book that is updated each year.

  • There will be no guests in the residence halls including resident to resident visitation
  • Please observe signs and occupancy limits in restrooms
  • Kitchens and lounges will be closed
  • Laundry will only be open by signing out a key. There will be a limit of 1 resident each time with a time limit. You must leave your cell phone number when you check out the key at the front desk
  • Face coverings must be worn in all spaces except for your own bedroom and when using the restroom to shower or brush teeth.
  • If at any time resident students are suspected of having COVID-19 or have been notified they were in direct contact with someone who has tested positive, they will be asked to quarantine or isolate at home. At the discretion of the University, isolation or quarantine arrangements may be made for students who cannot travel home for the isolation period.
  • Each bedroom is limited to 2 people at anytime
  • All residents are required to attend their virtual wing meetings and all residence hall meetings

In efforts to make move in a smooth process for all students please be advised of the following:

  • Room Changes will not be permitted at all due to COVID. All students must move into their assigned room.
  • Please refer to the “what to bring to campus” and fire safety checklist sheet for a detailed list of items that are recommended, required and prohibited. Microwaves and Air Conditioners are strictly prohibited. Micro fridges are the only permitted microwave unit to be in the room.
  • Please make sure that you are in good financial standing with the University before your arrival to campus and that you are registered for at least 12 credits. If you are not, we cannot permit you to move in.
  • Please see the attachment for the fire safety checklist approved by the fire marshall. You will be responsible for knowing prohibited items noted in this document and the C-Book.
  • Health forms must be cleared by August 25, 2020. If they are not, you cannot move in or drop your items off. You will have to make an appointment with Health Services to get cleared. After you are cleared, you must email res life to schedule an appointment for move in. Due to COVID, it most likely will not be the same day you have cleared. Please be prepared.

Please feel free to bring your own carts as we cannot provide carts. The elevator will have an occupancy limit and can only be used by those who have brought their own carts or have large items.