How to Become a Resident Student

For incoming students, becoming a resident happens by first letting admissions know of your status on your application & providing a deposit of $450.00 (this includes $200.00 non refundable housing deposit as well as a $250.00 university deposit).  Each week during the application period (February-June), automated emails will be sent to incoming resident students via their Caldwell University email address, prompting them to log into the Residence Life application website. On this site, you will fill out the housing application, read the terms & conditions, and sign the housing contract. The priority filing date is June 1 of each year. Applications received after this point, will be placed on the waiting list. Those who meet the deadline will receive housing information via Caldwell University email during the 2nd week of July prior to check in. Each residential student must be cleared by health services in order to reside on campus which requires several clearances. The health forms and filing dates are located on the health services website for download.  For important check in & check out dates, please refer to the Move- In Information page. 

Current commuters who wish to become residents, must email to inquire about availability. After that, they are to make a non-refundable $200.00 deposit via the link available on the Residence Life portal page.  The next step is to see financial aid to have your package reassessed to determine out of pocket costs for residing on campus. Each residential student must be cleared by health services in order to reside on campus. The health forms and filing dates are located on the health services website for download. If there is availability, the student will be assigned. If there is no availability at the time of application, the student will be placed on the waiting list. 

Returning residents wishing to remain residents for the following academic year, will receive information each year about where to send deposits and how to participate in Room Selection (applications and deposits) via their Caldwell University email. This information is also on the Residence Life portal page beginning in February of each year and Room Selection takes place during April of each year for the following academic year. 

Please note, it is expected that the student will read and understand the Residence Hall Contract in its entirety since the student has assumed full responsibility for complying with its contents. In the event that a student cannot live within the confines of this agreement, they may be asked to leave the residence halls. The housing contract is for a term of one academic year and breaking a contract for any reason will result in a $350.00 cancellation fee plus applicable occupancy fees. 

How to request a roommate (Incoming students only)

Requesting a roommate? After you sign into residence, you will locate your roommate code on the top right hand corner. This is the number you need from your desired roommate and they need this number from you.

In order to request each other please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into the website, click on “start now” application
  2. Click on part 2: Roommate Group
  3. Make sure the term is set for (Semester)
  4. Click the “Find someone you know tab”
  5. Enter their roommate code
  6. This will then send them an invite for them to accept
  7. After they accept you, the system will recognize your roommate group

You will only be placed with this person, if they mutually accept you. If they do not accept you, you will not be placed with this person. All roommate requests must be received by June 1 of each year.

Applying after the deadline

Residence Life will assign incoming residents who have filled out the housing application and paid deposits until June 1 to available spaces. After this deadline, those who apply & pay deposits will be added to the wait list that contains returner students. Being on the waitlist is not a guarantee of obtaining housing.  Students will be given a space if available and will continue on the waitlist until they receive one or the semester begins. With being on the waitlist, they accept to receive whatever space is available. Once a student receives an assignment, if they cancel they will receive a cancellation fee of $350.00. 

Request for Special Accommodation

Priority Deadline June 1


  1. Students must contact the Office of Disability Services to get intake form and accommodation form. 
  2. Once forms are received by the Office of Disability Services,  the SAT (Special Accommodation Team) meets bi-weekly to make approvals/denials
  3. Students then receive email from the Office of Disability Services about approval or denial.
  4. After that, Residence Life works to provide the accommodation and notify those affected of such accommodation. 

**Please note, The Office of Residence Life cannot accept any paperwork regarding accommodations. All paperwork and application for special requests must go through the Office of Disability Services. Please contact them directly for process and application questions. 

Office of Disability Services at Caldwell University
Student Center, First Floor
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm
Phone: 973-618-3645
Fax: 973-618-3488
Barbara Moran, M.P.A.
Coordinator of Disability Services