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Becoming a Resident Assistant

A Resident Assistant at Caldwell UniversityCampus Leadership positions are one way for students to grow personally and professionally while being a full-time student. It is also a way to meet new students, take on mentoring roles, and learn about responsibility and integrity.

As a Resident Assistant, you will take on a front-line role helping students in the adjustment to college life. You will have the opportunity to engage in training opportunities on topics such as crisis management, program design and implementation, community building, and interpersonal communication. We expect Resident Assistant to be a position you can proudly display on your Resume, as an experience that shaped your development in the college process.

To be a Resident Assistant, you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. You must be in good academic and judicial standing, and have attended the university for two academic semesters. We encourage all potential applicants to speak with a current Resident Assistant, and learn about the job first hand. Applications are available in the beginning of December of each year and all RAs are hired for the next academic year.

Applications are online and can be located at caldwell.erezlife.com by clicking the “staff application” button below the login on the front page. Please contact the the Residence Life Office if you have any questions about the process at 973-618-3556.