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Institutional Research and Assessment

Caldwell University is committed to a comprehensive, transparent institutional assessment process to ensure we are accomplishing our mission and meeting our goals so students can succeed. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment plays a key role in measuring institutional effectiveness. Staff collaborate to collect, archive, analyze, share and report data to facilitate planning, budgeting, accreditation and compliance efforts across the University.

Institutional research and assessment staff:

  • Provide internal administrators and faculty as well as external stakeholders with relevant, timely and accurate institutional information related to enrollment, matriculation, demographics, student outcomes, scheduling and other related measures.
  • Coordinate the collection of data for statutory reporting and compliance requirements and ensures that all state and federal reports are submitted in a timely fashion through a reports management system.
  • Manage a campus survey schedule that integrates with the schedules of strategic planning, five-year department and academic program reviews and accreditation evaluations.
  •  Analyze results from statistical analysis and predictive modeling to create accessible information that can be compared and contrasted to better inform goal-setting, resource allocation, policy revisions and overall decision-making.
  • Collaborate with academic staff in annual assessment of core and academic program learning outcomes and academic program reviews and in combining those results with other outcomes to detect trends.
  • Assist University staff in the creation of institutional, departmental, and individual level goals that are measurable and can be benchmarked to improve accountability.
  • Monitor the progress of those goals, disseminate results and house assessment data centrally.
  • Support and provide technical assistance to committees, departments and individuals throughout the University to ensure data is available and in a format to foster continuous improvement.

For more information, contact:

Susan Hayes (shayes@caldwell.edu), Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Megan Matesic (mmatesic@caldwell.edu), Research Analyst