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In this video, Dr. Brenda Petersen, Ph.D., associate dean of the Caldwell University School of Nursing and Public Health and Dr. Ernani Sadural, director of global health for Barnabas Health, talk about ways the Public Health Education program at Caldwell University is preparing students to enter the healthcare delivery system equipped with the necessary skills to meet complex healthcare needs of diverse populations.

The department includes the Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education and the Inter-Professional Health Education Collaborative.

Graduates of the BSPHE will be qualified and prepared for positions in community health and public health as well as hospitals, insurance companies, primary care provider offices, private and commercial community health organizations, research organizations, health coaches in wellness centers, educators within biology and pharmaceutical industry and governmental public health organizations.

The IPHEC provides integrated learning experiences utilizing best practice methods for students enrolled in the inter-disciplinary health programs.

Students have the opportunity to engage in exciting inter-disciplinary learning activities, simulation exercises in state-of-the-art simulation labs, and assignments that strengthen necessary skills to enter the healthcare delivery job force, such as using telemedicine as a disruptive innovation for providing patient teaching to populations.

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