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Recently ranked as a Tier 1 institution by U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges 2014,” Caldwell University provides 100% online programs that allow students to learn anywhere, at their own pace, while still enjoying interaction with faculty and peers.

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The Online B.A. in Psychology requires the completion of 10 psychology courses (30 credits) in the major, as well as General Psychology (PS 150), the core course offered in Caldwell University’s foundational core. The psychology curriculum encompasses 120 total credits. While students can transfer up to 90 credits, the final 30 credits must be completed at Caldwell University. In addition, 50% (5 courses) of the psychology major courses must be completed at Caldwell University. The 30 credits in the major include 6 required courses and 4 electives, 2 of which must be at the 300 level or higher (one of which must be chosen from the following: Psychology of Learning, Cognitive Psychology, Biopsychology, and Sensation & Perception). The psychology major serves as preparation for numerous careers, particularly those that include significant interpersonal interaction. It is  also the foundation for graduate work in counseling, social work, addiction treatment, and all fields of psychology.


Caldwell University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The College offers high quality online courses and degree programs that expand access and provide opportunity to students seeking a degree from an accredited institution. Our online academic programs and support services are equivalent to similar programs offered in a traditional format on campus.


Online students receive excellent support comparable to the high level support that our on-campus students receive. Caldwell University believes that online students should not have to come to campus to take advantage of services and meet with key people unless they choose to do so. Our online programs provide all the assistance students would need from a distance, making our programs and services easily accessible. Additionally, online students who choose to come to campus will find that it is located within a short drive from many points in New Jersey. While on campus, online students will find it to be a welcoming atmosphere. Online students truly become part of the Caldwell University community; they can take advantage of any aspect of campus life including on-campus graduation where they have the option to attend graduation with their peers and share the memorable experience with family.


Our online programs are offered in an accelerated mode. Most of Caldwell University’s online courses are offered in seven and eight week, accelerated sessions that run throughout the year. This affords online students the opportunity to fast-track their coursework and graduation dates. Additionally, these online sessions permit students to register as “full-time students,” for potential financial aid eligibility. It is important that incoming online students recognize that accelerated courses do not mean less work, as the content of the courses is the same as if it was offered over an entire session. However, it does mean these courses will require students to cover more material over a shorter period of time. To successfully manage the intensive lesson plans and strict deadlines of these courses, online students must be disciplined, have excellent time management skills, and remain committed to accomplishing their goal of degree completion.


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