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The popularity of podcasting and Caldwell University’s new podcasting certificate are topics of conversation on “Steve Adubato UNCUT” with  Caldwell University Chair of the Communication and Media Studies Department Bob Mann.   

Mann joins Adubato to talk about how the university is launching a podcasting certificate program for students and members of the community.

Mann, a veteran broadcaster, host of the podcast “Hot Media with Bob Mann”, and a former Sirius XM radio host, says many people can benefit from launching a podcast for reasons including marketing a product, building awareness around an issue or cause, enhancing their work in media, or developing a hobby.

Broadcast times:

Tuesday, June 15,  7 p.m. – NJ PBS 

Wednesday June 16,  12:30 a.m. – WNET/Thirteen. 

The podcasting certificate program will launch in fall 2021, and over the course of one year students can take four three-credit courses offered in the evenings. Coursework will include performance, production, editing and publishing skills, the basics of public speaking, and radio broadcasting, as well as helpful tips on how to market and monetize a podcast. Students will work in the university’s professional radio studio and have the chance to publish a podcast by the end of the program.

To find out about the podcast, please visit: