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Professor Robert Mann

Holly Metz, author of the New Jersey Council for the Humanities Book of the Year, was the guest of Bob Mann, Caldwell University professor of communication arts, on “Humanities Connection,” the monthly radio show he hosts for the council.

Clips of the interview, was broadcast on  Sunday, Oct. 27, on WFDU-FM 89.1.

Metz’s book, “Killing the Poormaster: A Saga of Poverty, Corruption, and Murder in the Great Depression,” was chosen from among 26 titles as the 2013 award recipient. The council described the work as “wonderfully accessible,” written in “clear, readable prose,” and “rich in New Jersey connections.” The book’s “humanistic themes,” the council said, “imbue its vivid narrative with questions of justice both broad and narrow, of honor, of power, of law, of civil disobedience, and of social resolve. All of the themes are played out in ‘Killing the Poormaster’ as in a Shakespearean drama of human frailty and high ideals.”