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Summer 2019 New Student Orientation Schedule

Cougar Nation - The legacy continues

Session 1: 7/11 SESSION FULL

Session 2: 7/16
Session 3: 7/18
Session 4: 7/23

Student Orientation OverviewParent Orientation Overview

08:00 am        Student: Arrival/Check-in

9:30 pm           Welcome (parents and students)

9:30 am           Cougar Nation Meet & Greet

10:30 am        Thriving at CU: Navigating Your Journey

12:30 pm         Lunch (parents and students)

1:45 pm            Advisement and Registration Presentation Begins

4:30 pm            ID Photos/ Post Registration Tours

4:30pm             Reception and Farewells (parents and students)

8:00 am           Parent Check-in

9:00 am           Welcome (parents and students)

9:30 am          Parent Orientation Workshop 1 – Student Engagement/ Campus Ministry/ Wellness Center

10:30 am        Parent Orientation Workshop 2- Campus Safety/ Residence Life

11:30 am        Parent Orientation Workshop 3- Academic Success Center & Disability Services

12:30 pm         Lunch (parents and students)

1:30 pm            Parent Orientation Workshop 4- Financial Services

2:30-4:30        Tours/ Office Visits/ Free time

4:30 pm             Reception and Farewells (parents and students)

Full Schedule (with descriptions)

  • Please note: This schedule is subject to change. A more detailed schedule will be sent as your Orientation date gets closer.