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Recent art Work of Anne Goffin Smith
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Caldwell University’s Mueller Gallery is pleased to present “Open Spaces: Recent work of Anne Goffin Smith” to coincide with activities during inauguration week celebrating the installation of President Matthew Whelan, Ed.D.   The exhibit opens on Oct. 14 and runs through Nov. 28.

Image with flower

As the gallery curators explain, Open Spaces features a collection of work that may have otherwise not been created without the unforeseen events of the last eighteen months. The difficult circumstances that faced the world were leveled against the mundane safety of the indoors. This confinement resulted in major change for society as well as the individual. 

Curator and Director of the Mueller Gallery Suzanne Baron says Anne Goffin Smith’s work addresses emotions that arose from isolation and introspection. The artist was given time to redefine the unresolved with a lack of expectation and external influence. Established rules were no longer of concern and intuition served as a guiding light. Through the mediums of paint, resin, photography, and collage, Smith devoted herself to expressing the simplicity of a lifestyle brought about by these strange times. Her work reflects a return to the beauty in nature and the value of social interactions that were temporarily lost.  Smith shares her artistic journey and allows the viewer to re-engage with often neglected moments of the everyday world.         

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