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Caldwell Online Transfer Credit Policy

Your Degree Program Plan Sheet will list all of the courses required for the:

Foundational Core

Enriched Core


Any student with transfer credits will have their credits evaluated by our Office of Admissions and your evaluation sheet will list all of your transfer credits under its Caldwell University equivalent.

The following criteria are used to determine when awarding credit is appropriate:

  • The institution must be accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or officially recognized by the appropriate government agency/ ministry of education for foreign institutions.
  • Transcripts foreign institutions must be evaluated by World Education Services (WES).
  • Credit may be granted for military education experiences based upon American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations.
  • Credit may be granted for other education experiences, such as professional police and fire training, upon individual review.
  • Grades of C or better may be accepted. Grades of P (passing) or S (satisfactory) may only be considered if it is the policy of the transferring institution that these grades are equivalent to a C of better and may only be used for elective credit.
  • A cumulative maximum of 90 credits may be transferred and used toward an undergraduate degree. The final 30 credits and at least one-half of the major requirements must be taken at Caldwell University.
  • Credits may only be awarded for coursework that is similar to Caldwell University coursework and is appropriate to the chosen curriculum.
  • Transfer credit is initially reviewed by the Office of Admissions, but the ultimate authority on the equivalency of credits to Caldwell University courses lies with the Academic Departments or Division for the particular discipline of the individual course.
  • Transfer credit awarded may not exceed the maximum credits offered for an equivalent course in the Caldwell University curriculum.
  • Students who have received an Associate of Arts (A.A) degree from a New Jersey community/ county college will have satisfied, as a block, the Caldwell University core requirements. With the exception for 3 credits in theology, 3 credits in philosophy and 3 credits in the Catholic and Dominican Tradition and any course(s) in which a C or better was not achieved.
  • In most cases, courses from other institutions will not be equivalent to TH 102 Intro to Christian Theology due to the focus on Catholic theology.

On the top right hand corner of your Degree Evaluation Sheet will list the total number of credits for each institution or certificate and the total number of credits you have transferred.

Preliminary Evaluation Form for Transfer Credits

Credits that are not equivalent to a course in the Caldwell University curriculum but are awarded for elective credit.

Graduation Requirements

 In order to graduate from Caldwell University, a student must fulfill certain requirements including completion of a minimum number of credits, declaring a major, Liberal Arts core and required GPA. Graduation Requirements provides students with an understanding of what is needed to graduate.

Students should also refer to the University Catalog for an understanding of their major specific requirements which includes required courses and course descriptions.

The Foundational Core:

The Caldwell University Foundational Core curriculum (to the left of your evaluation sheet) was developed to introduce students to the breadth of disciplines in the Liberal Arts tradition while developing the fundamental skills of writing, critical thinking, and information literacy. Foundational Core consists of 36-40 credits.

The Enriched Core:

The Caldwell University Enriched Core reinforces the central elements of the Catholic and Dominican identity of the college while providing students the flexibility to pursue topics of interest. As a student you will complete one course in each of the three clusters listed below.

  • Catholic and Dominican Tradition
  • Global Awareness and Cultural Understanding
  • Ethical Inquiry and Applications

Skill Evaluation and Placement

 Caldwell University administers a placement test to all students, where appropriate. The Accuplacer Online Placement Test evaluates skills levels in mathematics, reading comprehension and computer proficiency. Test performance is a factor in assigning students to courses that are appropriate to their skill level. Students who are skill-deficient in any of these areas may be placed into one or more of the following courses; or allowed to retest:

MA 085 Basic Math Techniques (3 non-degree credits)

MA 090 Basic Algebraic Skills (3 non-degree credits)

EN 101 The Process of Writing (3 credits)

English requirements must be completed by the end of the second semester. Math requirements must be met by the end of the fourth semester. Grades received in these courses are calculated into the GPA.