FAQs for Online

 How do I access my online course(s)?

Online courses can be accessed through the Currently Students tab on Caldwell University’s main webpage or directly at, http://caldwell.blackboard.com.

When will I have access to my online class?

Students will have access to their online course(s) one week prior to the official start date of the semester. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the official start date.

 Will I have access to any tutorials on how to use Blackboard?

Once you log into Blackboard to access your online course(s), you will be directed to an online orientation that will help you become familiar with and navigate Blackboard which must be completed before you can access your course.

How do I purchase books?

Online students will use their course schedule to search for books online through our campus bookstore. Caldwell University bookstore offers students the option to purchase or new and old textbooks as well as downloading digital versions of the textbook.

How many hours per week will I be required to spend in an online course?

A three credit accelerated online course runs for 7 weeks. Students are expected to spend between 15-20 hours per week on readings, assignments and time within Blackboard.

 What kind of support is available for online students?

Students taking online courses will find that they are supported for success with 24/7 tutoring, tutorial services and online library resources.

Are there any computer requirements for online courses?

Operating System

Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4 (or higher)


512 MB


1.6 GHz

Free Disk Space

256 MB or more


Sound card and speakers (microphone recommended)


o Firefox 3 or later
o Safari 3 or later
o Google Chrome 4 or later
o Opera 9 or later
o MS Internet Explorer 7 or later

Browser Settings

Java, JavaScript, and cookies enabled. Popup blocker disabled.

Internet Connection

DSL or broadband strongly recommended (56K or greater will work)

Productivity Software

MS Office (Open Office serves as a free alternative)

 Are online courses easier than in-person courses?

No, online courses have the same requirements as on campus courses. Students must have the self motivation to keep up with the course.