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Sower and the Seed
Sower and the Seed, Aidan Hart with contributions from Donald Jackson and Sally Mae Joseph, Copyright 2002, The Saint John’s Bible, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota USA. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

“O Happy Fault: The Human Element in the Creation of The Saint John’s Bible” will be the focus of a lecture, 4:30 p.m., Monday April 8 at Caldwell University.  The speakers will be Robert Miller, Ph.D., chair of the Division of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Mount St. Mary College, and Stephanie Pietros, Ph.D., assistant professor of English, College of Mount Saint Vincent.  The lecture is being presented by the Department of Theology and Philosophy at Caldwell as part of its Sister Maura Campbell, O.P. lecture series.

Dr. Pietros will discuss the illustrations of medieval manuscripts and the materials used in their creation, as well as instructions left behind by scribes.

Dr. Miller will speak about biblical text criticism and the causes for errors in ancient illuminated manuscripts. He will demonstrate how the contemporary calligraphers of The Saint John’s Bible made the same errors that were common in the copying of texts prior to the invention of the printing press.

Dr. Pietros’s research interests include medieval and early modern literature, especially lyric poetry; the history of the book, and interdisciplinary studies in literature and music. She has published articles and reviews in the journals Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Shakespeare Bulletin, and Early Modern Culture. Her current projects include an essay on song in Shakespeare’s Othello and a co-edited special issue of the journal Early Modern Culture on the topic of teaching Shakespeare to first-generation college students.

Dr. Miller is a Senior Fellow of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and a board member for the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary – USA. He has taught both graduate and undergraduate classes in scripture and theology at Caldwell and Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology at Seton Hall University. Dr. Miller’s research spans a wide area of theology and biblical studies, including biblical theology and typology, John’s Gospel, and Mariology.

The Sister Maura Campbell, O.P. Lecture Series is named for Sister Maura, who was a Sister of St. Dominic of Caldwell, a theologian, philosopher, professor, researcher and national leader in education whose scholarship and teaching spanned 50 years.

For further information, call 973-618-3931.