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Assistant Director of Nursing Brenda Peterson takes part in the Blessing of the Hands ceremony for nursing students.

The Caldwell University Nursing Department recently held its first Blessing of the Hands Ceremony beginning a new tradition for nursing students.

The ceremony was led by Sister Kathleen Tuite. O.P. along with the nursing faculty and President Nancy Blattner, Ph.D. OP.

The purpose of the ceremony is to provide a spiritual experience symbolically linking the art of nursing with the science of nursing practice. Nursing students are given the opportunity to reflect on the interconnectedness of humanity, the healing art of nursing, and the duty of the nurse to provide holistic care to all human beings.

The Blessing of the Hands ceremony allows students an opportunity to consider the importance of finding balance between their caring hearts and hands and the provision of nursing care that occurs within a healthcare delivery system, which is complex and driven by technology.

The ceremony provides faculty, administrators, and nursing students with the chance to engage in an interconnected process– hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart, and spirit-to-spirit. It reinforces the departmentā€™s commitment to valuing connectedness, collaboration and inclusivity, honesty and professional excellence in all interactions and relationships and it underpins the collegeā€™s commitment to its core values of respect, integrity, community and excellence. What a joyful experience for all!