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FAQs About the New Paths to the Nursing Profession Program

st-joseph-logoNP² ELIGILIBILITY

Am I required to be an employee of St. Joseph’s Healthcare System?

Yes, you must be an employee with at least 2 years’ of full-time work experience as a paraprofessional and currently work as a health care paraprofessional.

What is the definition of a health care paraprofessional?

Job titles would include certified nursing assistant, medical assistant, licensed practical nurse, technicians (X-Ray, respiratory, radiology or surgical), phlebotomist, or paramedic.

If I’ve enrolled in or have earned an associate degree (non-nursing) program, would I be eligible?

Maybe; we would need to evaluate your individual situation, past course work and performance.

If I’ve enrolled in or have an associate nursing degree program, would I be eligible?

Maybe; we would need to evaluate your individual situation, past course work and performance.

If I’ve earned a baccalaureate degree in any field of study, would I be eligible?

No, this special program is designed to support those who have not been able to pursue and secure a baccalaureate degree.

I did not graduate from high school or earn my GED, am I eligible to apply?

Unfortunately, we do require one of these diplomas to enroll.



What is the final due date for me to apply?

The original date was July 15, 2014 to complete the application process and any developmental work before August 26, 2014, the start of fall classes. However, we will continue to accept applications until the enrollment goal is reached. Latter applicants will be considered for spring semester enrollment (January 2015).

Where do I obtain an admission application? What’s the program’s webpage?

You may apply for admission online at www.caldwell.edu/NP2.

Who is the best person to write my recommendation?

Someone who knows you and can speak to your abilities, work ethic and personal qualities. Preference would be for someone working in either a health profession or academics.

When is my interview? Who will be there besides me?

We will find a time that works for both you and Caldwell Staff. You will be meeting with someone from our Nursing Department, Academic Success Center, and Admissions.

How long will it take for me to obtain my acceptance or rejection letter?

You will hear from us within one week of your interview.

What GPA (Grade Point Average) standard does Caldwell University look for?

While most students entering directly from high school have a ‘B’ average or better, this program is designed for adults who may have left high school years ago. Therefore, more weight will be placed on the personal interview where you can explain your academic background and current motivation to become a nurse. Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure that you have the potential to progress through the competitive program.

I’m concerned about SATs scores? Or I did not take them. Are they required?

SAT or ACT scores are not required for this program, but if you have taken them within the last five years, you should submit them.

Will you accept results of CLEP exams?

Yes, passing scores on CLEP exams will be accepted for credit.

What happens if I can’t obtain an official copy of my high school transcript?

From a public school: Contact the local school district.  For contact information, the NJ School Directory is available at the following address: http://education.state.nj.us/directory/.

From a nonpublic school: If the nonpublic school had an affiliation with a larger organization, contact that organization to see if they can help you.  For example, a Catholic school is part of a Diocese.  If the school was not part of a larger organization, you will have to pursue other ways of investigating and tracking down records.  Most nonpublic schools are listed in the NJ School Directory, which is available at the following address:  http://education.state.nj.us/directory/

I have a GED – what documentation do you need?
You will need to submit an official GED Transcript including test scores, date of testing, etc. For more information visit, http://www.state.nj.us/education/students/adulted/cp.

Whom do I contact for more information? How do I contact them?
Caldwell University Admission Office – Jennifer Whitmore –973-618-3385 or jwhitmore@caldwell.edu
or St. Joseph’s Center for Education – Rose Nagle Girgenti, Director, Clinical Education, 973-754-3440 or girgentir@sjhmc.org.



What’s the cost of tuition and fees?

The cost of full-time tuition/fees is about $15,000-$20,000 per year, based on the number of credit hours you take. Adult students do receive special tuition discounts. There are several financial aid programs (see below) based on your annual income, plus a NP² tuition stipend grant that when totaled may cover these costs.

What types of financial aid are available?

Federal PELL grants may be awarded up to $5,645; State of NJ Tuition Assistance Grants (TAG) up to $11,958, and an annual $5,000 NP² grant, if enrolled full-time. Lesser amounts may be available for half-time attendance.

Does this program offer any tuition subsidy or grant funding?

You are eligible for an individual grant of up to $10,000 toward tuition and books over the 2-year grant period if you attend on a full-time basis. If you attend on a half-time basis, the grant would be $2,500 per year.

Do I receive any help with paying for books from the grant?

Yes, you are eligible for $1,000 over the 2-year grant period ($250 per semester). In addition, you will receive a $100 gift certificate to the college bookstore upon completion of boot-camp.

How do I apply for financial aid? What is Caldwell’s code? How long does it take to get the results?

To apply for financial aid, please visit www.fafsa.gov and use school code 002598. It’s free! If you are accepted into the program, you will receive a financial aid report after receipt of your acceptance letter.

Must I apply for financial aid?

No; but you will then only be eligible to receive the annual $5,000 NP² grant for tuition, fees and books.

Can I meet with a financial aid counselor? How do I get more information?

Yes, contact the Office of Financial Aid (973-618-3221) to set up an appointment. Also, please visit our webpage at https://www.caldwell.edu/financial-aid/how-to-apply for guidance.

How much can I get from St Joe’s as an employee benefit to help pay for my tuition?

Based on the number of years of service, employees might be eligible to receive up to $2,000-$3,000 per year based on full- or half-time student status and satisfactory grades).



When will this program begin? When do fall 2014 classes start?

The first round of accepted students will take an online placement test in English and Math, beginning in August. If you pass both, you may be able to enroll in classes starting on August 26, 2014 (fall semester) or wait until January 2015 (spring semester) to begin.

How long will it take me to complete the liberal arts and science pre-nursing coursework?

It will take two (2) full academic years to complete the prerequisites work (20 courses and 62 credits) and move on to junior year if you are able to attend on a full-time basis (at least 12 credits per semester and during the summer).

If you attend on a part-time basis for any semester(s), the 2-year period would be extended; grant funding may be reduced after two years.

If you are able to transfer in some college credits, the period could be shorter than 2 years.

What happens if I don’t pass the placement tests?

Based on the results of the Math and English placement exams, you will be offered workshops in one or both areas to strength your skills in preparation for college level work. Workshops are offered in a hybrid format: some sessions will meet on campus; others, on-line.

The time length will vary — maybe a few weeks of intensive work or a full semester as you focus on review content, complete assignments, and retesting, as you become more proficient. The extra work will pay off in better grades down the road.

If you pass one test, you can enroll in selected credit courses simultaneously, as you are work to improve skills and competency in the other subject.

What happens during boot camp?
You will learn about the dedicated staff and support resources the Academic Success Center offers free-of-charge. They include tutoring and fun workshops like how to improve your study skills and time management tips. To learn more about yourself and your NP²classmates, you will participate in leadership development exercises off-campus. And finally, we will celebrate success often together as a team too!

What’s the schedule for boot camp?

The first round of Math and English boot camps begin in late August 2014 and could continue through the fall. The next round will be scheduled in the fall to allow sufficient time for skill mastery, before enroll in credit classes in January 2015.

Where and when will tutoring take place?

You may receive complimentary tutoring through the Academic Success Center. Hours will vary based on student need and availability. Online options are available too.

How do I get advised regarding my required course(s) and when I will take them?

Following admission, we will schedule an appointment for you to meet with an academic advisor who will work out an individualized academic plan to meet your goals, and a schedule that works for you.

Will there be a mentoring program?

Yes, you will be assigned to a St. Joseph’s mentor who is a practicing healthcare professional with a BSN degree. In addition, you will also be mentored by Caldwell Nursing faculty and upper division nursing students.

I don’t have access to a laptop for my homework or papers?

Through the NP² grant, we will purchase four laptops that you can borrow from St. Joseph’s Education Department, along with a dedicated program printer for your use during normal office hours.

Can I take courses online and is there a price difference?

Yes, we strongly encourage the use of online classes. A significant portion of the grant will be used to convert our in-person classes to online format to help you accommodate working schedules that may be subject to shift changes. There is no price differential – each format requires the same amount of work and faculty involvement.

I’d like to take online courses but they scare me?

We understand that you may not feel your computer skills are up to speed. As part of boot-camp everyone will complete a hybrid course where in-person coursework and online assignments are intermingled to ensure you feel comfortable and competent when you’re done. Online courses are a great way to accelerate the completion of the 1st two years of course work.



What courses will I take freshmen year? sophomore year? When will I get into nursing?

You can find a four year major plan for the nursing program at https://www.caldwell.edu/student-success/4-year-plan/major-nursing-track. Once you are accepted into the NP² program, you are admitted as a nursing major. To progress, you will be required to maintain the same academic requirements as traditional nursing students.

When are the science courses offered and the labs?

You may refer to the curriculum plan above that provides course sequence. Science courses and labs usually take place from 9-5 Monday-Thursday. However, new course sections will be offered during summer time and with some evening courses as well, to more easily accommodate your work schedule.

Can I take any course online? Must I take an online course?

You may take online courses, after completion of any remediation requirements. Online courses are not required, but may help to accommodate your working schedule. An academic advisor will work with you to find the best possible academic pathway. Many new pre-nursing online courses will be created and made available throughout the two year study period with NP² grant funding.

What other academic support activities do you offer besides tutoring?

The Academic Success Center routinely offers a variety of workshops: study skills; executive skills such as time management and organization; test taking strategies; and business etiquette. All will be available to you, free-of-charge.

Is there any special help available since English is my Second language?

Yes, student tutors and professional writing specialists provide help to individuals and small groups.

How many courses are needed to be considered as a full-time student?  A half-time student?

A full-time course load usually is between 12- 18 credits; half-time is between 6-11 credits.

How long will it take to complete my pre-nursing coursework?

If you begin a full-time course sequence in August 2014, the minimum time is two full academic years. You must complete all 62 credits satisfactorily to enter your junior year in August 2016 as a nursing major. This timeframe may be shortened with approved transfer of prior relevant college credits.

If you attend on a half-time basis for some part of the 2-year grant period, you would probably not be ready to enter junior year until January 2016 or later.

Can I take just one course?

Probably not – the program goal is for students to begin junior year as a nursing major in August 2016.



Is the college accessible to public transportation?

Yes, the campus is accessible via NJ Transit and DeCamp Bus lines along the Bloomfield Avenue routes.

Will my supervisor help me rearrange my work schedule to accommodate my classes?

Individual supervisors and departments will work with you to optimize your class attendance.  The NP² program is endorsed by the management of the St. Joseph’s Healthcare System; they are committed to your success (please view the letter of William A. McDonald, President and Chief Executive Officer).

Is there a student nursing club I can join?

Yes, the Student Nurses Association!  We welcome your participation.

Does the college offer a counseling center? 

As a matriculated student, you will have full access to the center located in the heart of campus.  The Center’s confidential services including stress management, relaxation techniques and talk therapy are offered on a complementary basis.

What is the child care stipend that can be earned during boot camp/summer science coursework?

When you complete boot camp (2014) or a science summer session (2015), you are eligible for up to $1,600 in child care.  Any unused stipends can be applied toward science summer session (2016).

What is the process for submitting child care bills?

Official bills can be forwarded to the NP² project director who will verify satisfactory attendance and authorize payment based on the number of child care hours, directly to the child care center.  She will gladly supply an official letter about the stipends to your vendor of choice to possibly delay payment.



How do I get my credits transferred?

When you submit official transcripts from all previous institutions, you will receive a transfer credit evaluation with your acceptance letter, detailing how any credits will transfer into our BSN program.