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November 2011

President Blattner visits with Secretary of Higher Education, Rochelle Hendricks, as well as Drs. Glenn Lang and Iris Duffield in Trenton to first discuss Caldwell University’s interest and intent  to transition to university status in fall 2014.


Spring 2012

President Blattner holds multiple informational sessions with students, faculty, staff and alumni of Caldwell University to propose the change to university status. A dedicated email address is created to receive comments, suggestions or concerns.


May 2012

President Blattner contacts Iris Duffield (Dr. Lang being out of the office at the time of the call) to review approach with board, formation of task force, timeline, etc.


July 2012

President Blattner charges the University Status Task Force, which meets for the first time to review requirements of proposal, timeline and assignments.


August 2012

President Blattner makes presentation to the Caldwell University Board of Trustees on university status for the college at its summer retreat.


August 2012

President Blattner contacts Dr. Lang to discuss requirements for the college’s petition and to give an update on the work that has begun.


September 2012

Caldwell University Board of Trustees passes resolution charging the college to pursue university status for the institution.


September 2012

President Blattner is in contact with Dr. Glenn Lang at the Office of the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education to report on developments and seek assistance/guidance as the process  begins in earnest. A copy of the board resolution is mailed to and received at the Office of the New  Jersey Secretary of Higher Education. A copy of this timeline is also sent to Dr. Lang for comment.


September 2012

University Status Task Force reconvenes to mobilize members to craft proposal, following the Institutional Guidelines: Preparing a University Status Petition.

Preliminary budget is developed for transition from college to university status.

Graphic imagery and logos are discussed for Caldwell University in conjunction with institution’s 75th anniversary celebration beginning September 2014.


October 2012

Web pages are launched that provide an overview to the university status process, a list of Frequently Asked Questions, a timeline, and an update box to keep readers current on the status  of the college’s petition for university status.


Oct.-Dec. 2012

University Status Task Force members work individually and as a group to draft the proposal, sharing drafts and collecting data as required.


March 2013

Caldwell University’s University Status Petition is submitted to the New Jersey Office of Higher Education.


Late Spring/
Early Summer ’13

Commission staff and college work to identify consultants and agree upon those chosen for the site visit to Caldwell University.


Summer 2013

Commission staff extends invitation to the selected consultants.

College forwards petition and appendices to consultants.

College and Commission staff agree on dates/agenda for consultants’ visit.

College makes arrangements for consultants’ visit.


Sept./Oct. 2013

Consultants and Commission staff visit Caldwell University campus.


Nov./Dec. 2013

Consultants file report/recommendation regarding the petition with the Commission.

Commission forwards consultants’ report regarding the petition to the college.


Spring 2014

Caldwell University Board of Trustees takes appropriate action on university status and name change.


Spring 2014

Caldwell University forwards copy of its response to the consultants’ report to Commission along with Board resolution.


Spring 2014

Commission forwards materials on the petition and review to the Presidents’ Council.


June 2014

Presidents’ Council reviews the petition and related documentation and forwards recommendation to the Commission.


July 2014

The Commission discusses and acts on the petition.


September 2014

Hopefully, Caldwell University announces its new status as Caldwell University at its kickoff of the institution’s 75th anniversary celebration.