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School of Nursing donates personal protective equipment for COVID-19 response

Caldwell, N.J., March 24, 2020 – Caldwell University’s School of Nursing and Public Health has donated personal protective equipment to Morristown Picture of Hand Sanitizer donated by Caldwell University School of NursingMedical Center for the dedicated health care professionals who are working during the coronavirus outbreak.

Headshot of Jennifer Rhodes

Nursing Professor Jennifer Rhodes spearheaded a collection of personal protective equipment from Caldwell University’s School of Nursing and Public Health for Morristown Medical Center

When Nursing faculty member Jennifer Rhodes, DNP heard that The American Association of Colleges of Nursing was calling on member schools to donate the much-needed equipment to their community healthcare facilities, she jumped into gear. She spearheaded a collection from the university for Morristown since Caldwell partners with the Center for its nursing students’ clinical work and several alumni work there. The university donated masks, gloves, isolation gowns, Clorox wipes, Purell hand sanitizer, germicidal wipes, sterile dressing kits, and goggles. “As a former emergency room nurse, I cannot imagine what they are experiencing on the front lines right now.” Rhodes has been thinking of her colleagues and nurses who have graduated from Caldwell University who are working in response to COVID-19. “The least I could do was find a way to help.” She is continuing to secure donations from her friends and colleagues who want to help.

Donna Naturale, DNP, associate dean in the School of Nursing and Public Picture of Protective equipment donated by Caldwell University School of NursingHealth, says they are proud of all those who are dedicating their skills to the crisis including Rhodes, and Roxanne Sabatini, an adjunct in the Master in Science in Nursing in Population Health program. Sabatini is a nurse educator who was unable to teach this spring due to her work with COVID-19 response at the hospital. “We need nurses and public health educators more than ever at this challenging time,” said Naturale.