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Education Division to Host “Open Books, Open Minds” Conference

The Caldwell University Education Division will host the fourth annual literacy conference “Open Books, Open Minds” on Friday October 9 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This conference will provide educators, teachers, writers and publishers with the opportunity to meet one another and to share thoughts about the great world of literature. The forum will shed light on exciting happenings in literature, poetry and writing at the K-12 level.

The keynote speaker will be award-winning author, editor and publisher Marc Aronson, who will present on “What Do We Mean by the Non in Non-Fiction?” Dr. Aronson gives talks, conducts workshops and holds webinars on the Common Core English language arts standards as they pertain to students, librarians, parents and teachers. He is a frequent contributor to the Library Journal and the author of a number of nonfiction books, including “For Boys Only,” “Witch-Hunt,” “The Griffin and the Dinosaur” and “Sugar Changed the World.”

The luncheon speaker will be author Stephen Baker, who will present on “The Future of Knowledge in the Age of Smart Machines.” Baker’s writings provide classroom teachers with much to consider as they are called upon to make decisions about the education of future leaders. His first published book, “The Numerati,” discusses the increasing role that data-mining plays in shaping politics, business, law enforcement and even romance.

The panel discussion “Girls Run the World: Writing for Today’s Independent Teen” will feature dynamic New Jersey young adult authors Kieran Scott, Jen Calonita and Sandra Hall.

There will be a number of workshops throughout the day including:

  • “What’s New in the YA Book World.”
  • “You’re Going to Hate this Book: Getting Young Boys Interested in Reading.”
  • “Teaching the Power of Language in Writing.”
  • “Put It in Drive: How Google Apps and the Common Core Connect.”
  • “Kick It into Over-Drive! Taking Google Apps to a New Level in Education.”
  • “How Argumentative Can We Be? Critical Questioning, Common Core and the Toulmin Writing Model.”
  • “Arrested in the PARCC: Critical Thinking, Common Core and PARCC Readiness.”
  • “The Marriage of Fiction and Non-Fiction: Developing Deeper Understanding.”
  • “Collaborative Puppetry and Literacy: Telling Our Stories, Creating Our Characters.”
  • “Undiscovered Treasures: Free Public Domain Books Online.”

Registration is $75. Information on the conference and a registration form can be found at www.caldwell.edu. For questions, contact Audrey McGowan at 973-618-3523 or AMcGowan@Caldwell.edu or Debbie Giordano at 973-618-3407 or DGiordano@Caldwell.edu.

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