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Below are the latest additions to our program offerings. Whether you are looking for a career in applied language, healthcare administration, public health education or sport management, we’ve got you covered!


Applied LanguageHealthcare AdministrationPublic Health EducationSport Management

BA in Applied Language

The BA in Applied Language combines the study of Spanish with two tracks:

  • Helping Professions – The helping profession track combines psychology and sociology course that focus on counseling and interpersonal relations.  This track would facilitate those who want to engage in counseling careers within the Spanish speaking community.
  • Public Policy – The public policy track combines sociology and political science courses that focus on the institutions and dynamics of public policy making.  This track would facilitate those students who want to effect political and policy changes in Spanish speaking areas.

The language component provides the student with the grammatical, conversational and cultural knowledge base needed to effect positive change in a bi-lingual environment.

BS in Healthcare Administration

Administered by the Division of Business, this program will prepare students for careers as healthcare administrators, who plan, direct, and coordinate medical and health services and adapt to changes in healthcare laws, regulations, and technology.  Healthcare administrators are employed in any of the business aspects of successfully-managed healthcare.

Students in this program will acquire sufficient scientific knowledge and the necessary business acumen to succeed in any of the varied healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, physical therapy facilities, and others.  This program will provide students with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and capabilities needed in today’s growing healthcare industry.  Our location offers ready access to nationally-recognized healthcare facilities in New Jersey and the nearby New York City metropolis.

In addition to a traditional four-year degree, the University offers a two-year completion option for those with an associate degree in a healthcare-related field.

For additional information, contact Prof. Virginia H. Rich, Program Coordinator, at 973-618-3516 orvrich@caldwell.edu.

BS in Public Health Education

Public health educators teach others (patients, families, communities, policy makers, etc.) about effective health practices and how to lead healthy lives.  Administered by the Department of Public Health, the Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education is an inter-disciplinary program crossing the departments of Natural Sciences, Nursing, Business, Psychology, Political Science and Sociology.

Graduates of the BSPHE will be qualified and prepared for positions in community health and public health, as well as in hospitals, insurance companies, primary care provider offices, private and commercial community health organizations, and research organizations.  They can work as health coaches in wellness centers, or as educators within the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries or in governmental public health organizations.

For additional information, contact Donna F Naturale, Associate Dean, School of Nursing and Public Health, at 973-618-3158 or dnaturale@caldwell.edu.

BS in Sport Management – Coming Fall of 2017

Caldwell University’s Division of Business is pleased to announce the launch of its BS in Sport Management in Fall 2017.

With fourteen major league professional sports franchises located in the NY/NJ metro area, Caldwell is well-positioned to offer students a total package of sport business-related academic and career opportunities.

There are a variety of career paths available within the amateur, collegiate and professional sport industry including:

  • coaches, scouts, and agents
  • advertising account executives
  • event coordinators
  • broadcasters
  • public relations managers
  • human resources specialists
  • statisticians
  • event and product marketers
  • facilities and operations managers
  • athletic directors and administrators
  • sales managers

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