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The Caldwell University community gathered on Nov. 17 to witness President Nancy Blattner officially receive three new flags for the Hall of Flags, a display of the countries Caldwell international students have represented over the years.

She received the flags from freshmen Fritz Meister of Switzerland, Katherine Llangari of Ecuador and Pedro Vizcaino of the Dominican Republic, who were representing their native countries.  The students said that they were honored to be a part of the Caldwell community and that they have felt welcomed.

Dr. Blattner said all who enter the hall see the display, which recognizes the students who come from many nations to study at Caldwell.  She said Caldwell University is proud to embrace those students and to share in their customs, traditions and languages.

Sudin Shakva, president of the International Student Organization, said the display shows the students that they are part of the university.

Director of International Student Services Maulin Joshi, who organized the event, said Caldwell has students representing at least 25 different countries.  “The ceremony was an opportunity to inspire our students to seek the truth, embrace justice, and pursue intellectual study as they engage in experiences within a community of diverse learners,” he said.