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move in day
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Caldwell, N.J., Aug. 27, 2021—Caldwell University welcomed freshman students to get settled into the dorms on Friday. With help from parents and siblings, as well as Caldwell students and staff, they unpacked cars and set up their rooms with visions of a prosperous Fall semester ahead.

Cian Richardson, an orientation leader, said it was really nice to see “people helping people” and to meet the freshmen.  Senior Prasanni Shrestha, a resident assistant, said it reminded her of her freshman year when she was moving in. “I’ve met some of the residents in my hall and they are excited—it makes me hopeful for the coming semester.”

Genesis Sosa and Dominique Ling, members of the cheer team, volunteered to help.  Sosa  was happy to be part of the move-in because she wants to get involved in more activities and clubs. Ling said it was a good chance to connect with incoming students so that when the new students go to the games they will see familiar faces. 

Welcome to the Caldwell family, class of 2025. Settle in and make yourselves at home.