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Image of Yaman Thapa
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Name : Yaman Thapa ‘22 

Major  : Double major in Biology and Chemistry

Hometown  : Kathmandu, Nepal

How did you find Caldwell University?: I got to know about Caldwell through my friends.

What has been most beneficial for you in being a student at Caldwell University? 

The Caldwell community accepted me and helped me flourish in my academic, professional and personal life. The most beneficial thing for me is the opportunity that I have received being a student. I deeply value the bonds I share with the faculty, staff and students. 

What do you tell others about Caldwell University?  

I tell people that it is a small school with a warm environment, a welcoming community and infinite opportunities.

What life lessons have you learned or are you learning through the pandemic? 

I have learned how valuable time is, how we can utilize each moment of each day to accomplish small tasks and eventually conquer bigger projects. 

Plans after graduation?  

I plan on becoming a research scientist (is what I tell people). I honestly want to explore academia further more to discover my true interests.

Fun facts about you: I read 20 books this summer. I do origami, spoken word poetry, digital art and am currently writing a children’s book.