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Name:  Roland Otuo-Acheampong ‘22

Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics

Home country:  Ghana

How did you find Caldwell University?

I found out about Caldwell through my brother who had graduated in 2017. He was very involved in campus activities and hearing him talk about his experiences overseas was the window through which I saw Caldwell until I enrolled. The journey has been fulfilling so far.

What has been most beneficial for you in being a student at Caldwell University? 

For me, Caldwell has been the ideal place to satisfy my social and academic pursuits. I have benefited a lot from the strong sense of community at Caldwell that connects students of all backgrounds and the staff. The staff are thoroughly supportive and will go out of their way to assist their students inside and outside the classroom. At Caldwell, I know I am not just a ‘face in the crowd’. Professors know me by name due to the close-knit nature of the campus. I also relish the many inviting extracurricular activities for students and the resources that are available for personal growth. With the liberal arts education, I feel prepared for a variety of career paths and interests.

What do you tell others about Caldwell University?  

Whenever I talk about Caldwell to others, I never cease to recount the very first time I stepped foot on campus. I experienced  an extremely friendly atmosphere and welcoming place where everyone gets along and where students are willing to help each other. A home away from home indeed. I felt I was put directly  in the middle of a diverse and vibrant campus life.

What life lessons have you learned or are you learning through the pandemic? 

The best life lessons are learned during hard times, when life takes us in a different direction. I have learned not to take anything for granted as I’ve become more aware of everything that has been taken away from us during the pandemic. The world is separating itself from a lot of things once considered normal. Hugging a friend is no longer a luxury that can be afforded now and it’s considered a death wish. Opportunities that once were taken for granted now seem a very costly undertaking. However, earth will continue to spin and hopefully things will get better. No condition is permanent. Eventually the earth will heal and we will bounce back to life with a strength that is unparalleled in history. Until then, I will strengthen what remains and not take anything for granted.

Plans after graduation?  

After achieving the milestone of obtaining a degree in computer science and mathematics at Caldwell, I see myself pursuing a career in software development— as a full-stack developer to be precise. 

Factoids or fun facts about you and your country

I am very good at drawing and literally everyone in my family enjoys playing soccer.

Ghana is a  multilingual country with over 70 ethnic groups and 70 major annual traditional festivals. It was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence. Kente cloth originated from Ghana. Children are named based on their day of birth.