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Lucy the dog
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If you’ve been on campus in the past year, you’ve probably met or seen Lucy, AKA Lucy Whelan, AKA Lucy the Wonder Dog, AKA Lucy the Canine Cougar. She goes by many names, but this five-year-old border collie/lab is a Cougar fan through and through. Caldwell University President Dr. Matthew Whelan and his wife, Mrs. Kathy Whelan, are the proud parents of this playful pooch, but Lucy considers all of us her family. 

  • Lucy the wonder dog
  • Lucy the fan
  • Lucy the cager

Lucy is a big fan of Caldwell sports, clubs, and activities and loves to take walks on campus and around the neighborhood. She has also been known to take road trips to visit her favorite parks and even cheer on Caldwell teams. You might even find her hanging out near the cafeteria hoping for a snack (cheese is her favorite). Follow Lucy’s adventures on Instagram @lucythecaninecougar